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Please Save My Sanity! - (for 70s music lovers)

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Whickerman | 23:34 Wed 27th Feb 2008 | Music
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When i was 12, (1982) i was given my first record player, and got an Adam & The Ants LP to play on it.

My dad always loved music, and had quite a music collection. He gave me two compilation albums, and I loved them until my mum gave them to a jumble sale... a long story. Anyway, one was a compilation called Hitscene 76. I found this tonight on the net - the only other time i've ever heard it mentioned:

BUT - the other was a compilation and although it had a name i can't remember it. All I'm positive about is that one of the songs was 'All You Need Is Love' by the Beatles. And that song title was in big print on the cover. Can anyone tell me what it was called?
(Can't find mention anywhere. What's making it worse is 'experts' telling me that beatles songs were never on compilations, but i definitely had this, whether it was licenced or not!)


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You could scroll down to the bottom of that page and it lists all the tracks on compilation albums, whickerman.

Hope it helps.
Here is the album cover of Hit Scene 76... 26.aspx

Not necessarily an aid to your search but to the claim by "experts" of Beatles tracks not appearing on compilation albums, I wonder how they would explain the inclusion of "All You Need Is Love" on the 1986 release of "Now - The Summer Album".
In 1967 they sung it live on a world wide satellite program, could it be an album of this program? I can remember the program but not if a LP was later made available.
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Thanks guys

Unfortunately it's not on that list JudgeNutmeg, but the fact that list exists at all proves some of the know-alls I work with wrong.

Thanks Kempie - now that brings back memories!

Hi Yorky lass - no, this was definitely a compilation of singles, and i think the beatles one faded out the record. I seem to remember their photo on the cover, and possibly a wavy-type logo with 'All You Need Is Love' on it.
Can I just ask you Whickerman (I don't intend to make your search harder) Are you sure it was a genuine Beatles track?

Some of the compilation LP's in the 60's and 70's were soundalikes to cut production costs (As used mainly on the Top of the Pops collections)
A lot of them were really very good copies too. I know that doesn't help you in the slightest but it's something to remember.
I am a bit of a Beatles nut and can confirm Beatles tracks were rarely, if ever, on compilation albums.

The only one that springs to mind was "Across the Universe" that was on a charity album for the World Wildlife Fund, released in 1968 (at that time the song had never been released).

It was later released on the Beatles album Let It Be.

You can read more about it here. se
Question Author
Hi Beetledewz - I'd swear so, yes, but now you have me doubting.... dammit!

vehelpfulguy - seems you're not entirely correct, (see the link from Judge Nutmeg) but thanks anyway

Think I'll be giving up on this for now. Thanks guys
The song which springs to mind is 'Love Is All' taken from the concept album / rock opera 'The Butterfly Ball'. It was produced by Roger Glover from Deep Purple and the track featured the future Rainbow vocalist Ronnie James Dio. the accompanying film / video was very Beatles (ish) if my memory serves me right (it was around 1975)
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Hi Whoa Nelly - no, was definitely the Beatles song. The compilation was just a pop compilation, not related to any specific project.
There is a compilation album of Beatles songs called "All You Need Is Love - Beatles Songs for Kids" which you can find at Amazon but they are not the original versions. It has picture of the cover which may be of help.

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Please Save My Sanity! - (for 70s music lovers)

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