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Which song is this and from who?

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MrZehl | 12:34 Sun 03rd Aug 2008 | Music
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Several years ago I heard a song on the radio. I think the singer was Irish. It was a slow song . The singer sang about the dad news she read in the papers, which makes her very emotional during the song.

It sounded very close and personal. There were no backing vocals. Probably it was only the singer with aucoustic guitar.

On the end of the song she almost cried about al the bad things that happen in the world. Who is she and which song is this?


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Could it be Sinead O'connor singing Nothing Compares To You?
Question Author
Thanks, but no, it isn't.

Nothing Compares 2 U isn't about the news in the papers. And it isn't Sinead O'Connor. I should recognise that.

This song sounds if it was recorded in the middle of the night and isn't produced as smooth as Nothing Compares 2 U. It could be a home recording, like Personal File of Johnny Cash. That's a great double album.
It sounds just like she is in your room sharing her feelings about the news.

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Which song is this and from who?

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