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Will the REAL Michael Jackson please stand up!!

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Mr Veritas | 13:03 Thu 11th Jun 2009 | Music
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In another category(a week or so ago) I explained how one of my family works for the bodyguard company that looks after Michael Jackson.
When "Michael" arrived at the O" for the press launch of his concert run he blanked my family member,odd as he knows Micheal to say hello to,and Michael always does say hello(but not this time).He also thought it was a "looklike"but people "poh poohed" me.
Well, even the Daily Telegraph seems to agrre with me.
Here are some brief excerpts from the article:~

At least Jackson was at the studio. There were reports that during the first 45 days of rehearsals, the singer only turned up twice. Show director Kenny Ortega has recruited lookalikes, allegedly "to prevent Michael from getting strained". Which leads to the biggest question of all: in a month when Britney Spears performed eight shows at the O2 without, apparently, actually singing a note, what constitutes a live gig?

Yet Jackson has proven himself a master of pop illusions before. After all, given his history of surgery and image enhancement, how could we ever be sure it was him onstage?

Here is the complete article:~ ndpopfeatures/5496936/What-are-the-odds-Michae l-Jackson-will-call-it-all-off.html

So all these gulible punters may be going to see a "lookalike" miming to Michael Jackson,hardly worth the large amounts of money that are being asked!



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I saw him in 1992 and he was amazing.

Its nice to be right eh?
I agree with you Mr Veritas - I though it was a double at his press conference. I know it may sound silly, but when he spoke you could see his top front teeth - in other previous shows, photos etc from other years - you could only see his bottom teeth, I think because of the surgery he has had.

Strange very Strange !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Good Afternnoon, Mr Veritas

Hope you're well, sir!

You have a very good point and i agree that not singing live is a con to the audiences that pay to see "live" gigs.
It just should not be allowed to happen.
Will Jackson cancel or indeed really be him on stage if some of the concerts do go ahead?
It's an overhype to a deperate man who needs the money 'cause of all the trouble he's been in...............real shame as i like his music and on many occasions, being i'm a DJ, play his tunes which are, some must admit, great floor fillers.

I went to see him in 1992, Mr V........July at wembley stadium.....long day there waiting for doors to in......found position to see really well came on....Rosalla, i think.......played her set........then at 7.55pm...5 mins before Jackson was due to be on announcer came out and said that on his way to the stadium he was taken ill and has gone back to his hotel and WILL NOT be playing here tonight!!!

All of Wembley looking at each other....this is a wind up, surely?....nope....we all left and made a night of and a curry...Jackson re-scheduled for August 1992 on the SAME day i was due to get married!!! we gave our tickets to friends.....apparently was great!! i have'nt bothered with him this tour as it would be a shell of what he WAS like back then!!

I'm off out now, sorry for the long story.....

and take care of yourself, Mr V

all the best

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it was definitely a double. No doubts at all
Howdy Mr. V! Hope you and Mrs.V are both well.

I was wondering how Mr. Pickle is doing. If you see him, please will you pass on my good wishes, tell him he is often in my thoughts, and tell him I am still hoping to see those pics of his loo one day! (Hope he will be well enough to come back to AB).

Thanks Mr.V. xxx
Is there an update on this mr veritas? When i saw the clips today of 'Michael' announcing his O2 gigs a while ago I too thought it seemed like an actor rather than him.

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Will the REAL Michael Jackson please stand up!!

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