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The Moody Blues

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chrissa1 | 22:24 Wed 23rd Jun 2010 | Music
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I'm just watching The Moody Blues Live at The Isle of Wight in 1970. Being Baby Boomers, my husband and I were saying we just "missed out" on the Festival Culture at that time. Shame. What is surprising me is the 100,000 or so audience and you could hear a pin drop while the band was singing and when Justin Haywood is talking to the crowd, they actually listen to what he's saying.
Another Era. A nicer one methinks. Great music.


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Didn't think Justin was as good as their first lead singer Denny Laine, chrissa. Saw them live years when he was still with them and thought they were amazing
agree 110%
What with me Elvis or Chrissa?
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Whenever anyone mentions the MB's I spend hours listening to them, fantastic music & I love Justin. :o)
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I have to disagree Lardy. I had a crush on Denny Laine when I was 16 but I think JH is the better singer. There'll only be one Night's In White Satin singer!!
I think Denny Laine was better live chrissa - but you know - who or what-ever butters your muffins
with chrissa, soz
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Anyone know what happened to DL after Wings?
Been a Moodies fan since the year dot but only got to see them in the 90s at Wembley with the 'Red Rocks' tour - will never forget that night.

And also seen JH in 'War Of The Worlds' 3 years ago.

For someone entitled to a bus pass he can still belt them out

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The Moody Blues

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