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Top of the Pops LPs from woolworths

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Eastender | 23:44 Wed 30th Jun 2010 | Music
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Can anyone tell me when the Top of the Pops albums ceased. You have to be over a certain age to remember them lol. All the latest songs with unknown singers covering them, some of the singers went on to have hits and make a name for themselves. I think the cast of Glee have started it all over again.


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I remember the K-Tel LPs when I was a teenager that seem to fit the bill. Have you googled that? That's what I call music does the same job!
The Top of the Pops albums were released by Pickwick Records on their Hallmark label - K-Tel was something different. The singers and session musicians were uncredited, although they included some massive future names e.g. Elton John.

The regular series ended with issue 91 in 1982. They tried to revive it in 1985 with release 92, but that was a total flop.
According to this site, the series of 92 albums were issued between 1968 and 1985:

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Thanks for the input.
I had a few of them that I inherited from my great grandad (coughs and looks around sheepishly)

they were cheap too, so you got your fave songs on a compilation which was rare enough in the 70s I seem to remember. I mean, 'or so I was told'.
Ahhh the memories.....Especially the girls on the covers, whwoar!
ive got loads of those Lps, i looked um im still sad and get them out once in a while and play them
Those were the days when kids couldn't afford to buy their favourite latest singles. In the early to mid 70s a single was roughly 60p - 70p, much the same as a download costs today.

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Top of the Pops LPs from woolworths

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