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What can music fans get up to in New York?

16:36 Mon 24th May 2010 |

New York is renowned as a musical hotspot. Many top artists from the last few decades have made their way from the Big Apple, such as RUN DMC, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five and Cindy Lauper.

There is so much to do in New York that even those who go with a specific activity in mind are spoilt for choice, especially as the music scene has so much quality to offer.

Holidaymakers wanting to catch the latest sounds could head to the Bowery Ballroom, where many major touring bands take the stage every night. The Bowery Ballroom has played host to a number of bands in recent years, after it was converted into an intimate music venue that holds just 500 people. Previous acts to play here have been Fallout Boy, with new acts like Florence and the Machine taking to the stage before the end of 2009.

Madison Square Garden – one of the largest arenas in the world – could also be worth a look for fans of rock and pop. As one of the world's most iconic stadiums, hosting some of the greatest boxing matches in history, Madison Square is steeped in rich history in both sporting and musical terms. Tours are offered around the stadium on a daily basis.

Times Square – a staple of many people's trips to New York – could also be recommended, as many groups have filmed music videos and given live performances here. Times Square is perhaps most famous for its bright lights and iconic images of New Years celebrations that have taken place there. The MTV studios are also on times square, so spotting stars there is common place. Remember to take your camera!

Those wanting to top-up their CD or vinyl collection could head to the Lower East Side, where there are many boutique record stores and music-themed cafes. If you're looking to find the "next big thing" on the music scene then the abundance of indie record shops will certainly feed your appetite for undiscovered acts.

People who are fans of hip-hop music could head to Harlem, where many of the genre's most famous artists grew up, including Mace and Cam'ron. Harlem is famous for the Apollo theatre, so that is definitely worth checking out if you're heading over that way.

It is important to warn you that, the same as many major cities, New York has "bad spots" that should be avoided. Speak to locals who know the area to truly understand where to do and where to avoid. On a whole, New York is an amazing city, but if you're wandering around and get lost you don't want to stumble into any dodgy areas.

Of course, the fun of many holidays is finding your own way around – and New York has many hidden gems when it comes to music, including many underground clubs and venues.

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