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Is the UK in a better or worse state than it was 50 years ago?

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AB Editor | 16:36 Wed 24th Apr 2019 | Current Affairs
101 Answers

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  • It's worse - 115 votes
  • 57%
  • It's better - 67 votes
  • 33%
  • I don't know - 15 votes
  • 7%
  • It's the same - 5 votes
  • 2%

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It's virtually impossible for me to say since I wasn't around, so bit of a loaded question really thinking about it, only those of around 70+ can really answer that, which loads the question considerably, since most people hark back fondly to their youth.
^ true.
And there were loads of pubs which were always full, spaf.
Interesting that the person who is quite happy to compare half the population to nazi collaborators can’t take being called a quisling.
Oh dear :-)
I wasn't alive 50 years ago either. It does seem to be better now in most measurable ways, but I suspect it is "different" rather than completely better or worse.
I seem to remember summers being long and hot when I was younger- but people older and younger than me say the same... so clearly selective memories too.
"And there were loads of pubs which were always full, spaf."

Yes but they did come with a free cloud of lung cancer.
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i would accept it if I was ich, the ones I label VBQ do satisfy the parameters.
I just about remember no central heating. That was bad enough and that was in the 70's.
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//One thing I presume was not there in the 1970's was loads of crusties throwing insults at each other on a daily basis//

Aye it was, we still had celtic and rangers back then
Maybe so but many houses didn't have it.
Great music, fab fashion, no global warming.
Brianna. In the 70s (my version had no greengrocer’s apostrophe) much was as you described. But what we DID have was militant trade unions, Womens’ Libbers who weren’t fighting for the right to be stupid (ie they didn’t waste their money on ‘designer’ rubbish), and in general a population unemasculated by Thatcher or her acolyte Blair.

Better people altogether back then (all together being the important part!)

Bill, old mate, they revel in their servitude today.
How could 1969 not be better than 2019? Moon landing, First Concord flight, the 60s still swinging, employment for all who wanted it, the excitement of the burgeoning technical revolution taking place. Our parents and grandparents recovered from a terrible World War and it's sacrifices, and no longer threatened by dark forces in Europe. An absence of daily, random, violent crime, our trust in each other not yet destroyed by lies and misinformation from the media. Woodstock, Colour TV just becoming available for the public, roads, including the Cities, in good order and free flowing, a booming building industry, affordable housing, disposable income for the first time in History for the masses. Those of you not there could never imagine the general feeling of well being and hope, or the confidence in the future. The only dark clouds on the horizon was the emergence of murderous political bomb attacks that would become the template and modus operandi for all such future perpetrators of terrorism.
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My female friends in the 60s and 70s (still no apostrophes) voiced opinions, taught me about feminism, looked good, weren’t fooled by the fashion industry(!), so I’d venture the opinion that your grasp on radical politics is somewhat tenuous.

In answer to the OP....
We certainly have more material things but I can see the 'nuclear family' being eroded by screen time and technology generally. A contrast to this is how families continents apart can keep in touch via Skype (other visual internet based telecom platforms are available).

We have better chances of recovery from serious ill health and eat a better diet, but the prevalence of heart attacks and cancer seems to be increasing (maybe that's just my personal experiences?).

We have greater wealth which allows us to travel more but this seems to be at the price of our planet.

It is the worst of times. It is the best of times.
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Is the UK in a better or worse state than it was 50 years ago?

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