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The Hand In Glove Tory Party

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gulliver1 | 13:20 Thu 11th Apr 2024 | Current Affairs
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Has Robbin Sunak and his band of crooked Tories done a deal with the UK funded French Cops as they stood back yesterday and watched as the immigrants load up the boats to set out to illegally  cross the English channel.Someone is Trousering here on both sides of the channel.And the tax payer is footing the bill as usual.



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So if the UK is giving France millions of pounds to keep the immigrants away from UK , In theory that  money going into the EU .    It would have been cheaper to stay in the EU. Seems like the UK is still being controlled by the EU   Good,

"It would have been cheaper to stay in the EU."

How much is the UK paying to France each week?

Is that more than the UK was paying to the EU each week? 

Question Author

TCL @ 15.00. Last I heard Macron  gave Sunak a great big kiss and £500 million went into the EU via France. Ah bless the British Tax payer they are so generous. Even though they think they voted leave,,,🤣 Suckers😂,

Got a link? Or porkies again?

£476 million over 2 years. Equivalent to about 10 days of what uk used to contribute to the Eu

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The Hand In Glove Tory Party

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