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Would the House of Lords be a better place without some members?

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tonywiltshire | 17:26 Sun 13th Nov 2011 | Politics
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The House of Lords would be a better place without Baroness Uddin, Lord Taylor and a few others. The House of Lords may not be able to ban these people but there sense of honour, if they have any honour left, should preclude them attending.


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why, what do you have against those people?
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It is alleged Baroness Uddin fiddled her expenses and Lord Taylor served a prison sentence for claiming expenses to which he was not entitled.
Ah, I remember now, names didn't signify. I think at least they should admit they did wrong - I remember he felt he wasn't doing anything wrong at all (is he the one who claimed for overnight stays when he went home every night?). We'd get the sack from work if we fiddled our expenses like that.
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I think they both claimed they did not live in London.

There's another of them that should be banned. I cannot believe these people who are supposed to be ultra intelligent thinking they "did nothing wrong". The very least they should do is the full sentence bestowed on then not flipping 2 months.

Just heard on the news Lord Hanningfield plans to write a book about his time in prison?? 2 months worth. Shouldn't take too long then should it!!
none of them should be allowed to keep their titles, and be banned from the party and holding any political office again.
Agree with em
seems so wrong, not just cheat, lie, and steal money you are not entitled to, but then once caught profess shock horror, then say sorry, what a load of toss.
It would be a better place if all those who are there either by so called right of birth, or by the patronage of their friends in high places, were removed. Neither is acceptable in a democracy.

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Would the House of Lords be a better place without some members?

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