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Ed Milliband says he has a plan

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emmie | 15:06 Sat 07th Jan 2012 | Politics
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for getting the country back on it's feet, what is it Ed, i want to know. He did mention it would take some time. How long i wonder, 13 years like last time, and that wasn't exactly a roaring success. I am sure there are plenty on here who disagree/agree, so have you any thought on Eds plan, do we even know what he has in mind.


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.....Is it a cunning plan, Baldrick?
Question Author
Question Author
Vicasso i reckon it must be, so cunning no one knows what it is. Bring on Flashheart i say.
Maybe the JWs visited him
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sibton, if only, isn't he an atheist, or confusing him with someone else?
That's worrying. :o/
Question Author
naomi, what is, that Ed says he has a plan, or that one day soon we might see him in No 10,
There you go Naomi..........we've got Elderman and you've got Milliband.......on second thoughts :-(
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crafty, match made in heaven, if you believed all that tosh
Ed Milliband is like the annoying kid at school that thinks he's better than you at everything and constantly gloats about it.
Everything, and I mean everything that Cameron says or does is ridiculed by this little worm. Yet he offers no alternatives to save our crumbling economy.
Both Em.
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bookboo, worms can turn, he seems a bit more toady than worm, time for someone with some cojones to lead the Labour party, and i don't even support them
I agree. Milliband is one those Eton types anyway, I thought labour was all about the 'working class'. Ed Balls is about the closest in that respect
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bookboo, don't put that ruffian in power, he is more pit bull than poodle, i can't see anyone in the current line up who seems to have the right stuff to lead the party.
Reminds me of Baldock in Blackadder "I've got an idea. "
Well, he's not going to tell us what the plan is, is he? If it was any good, and I don't doubt that it is, Cameron would steal it.
I always see Ed Milliband as the vice president of a 6th form debating society from the sixties. If he is so clever why didn't he replace Bliar and Broon when they were fcuking up the country.
Sorry ! None of the other similar answers had come up on my screen .

Having said that although I don't agree with socialist doctrines I do think Ed. is doing quite a good job as leader of his party but he has a lot to live down from the Blair/Brown era, especially on Europe and immigration.

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Ed Milliband says he has a plan

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