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Apology Accepted?

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LazyGun | 12:10 Thu 20th Sep 2012 | Politics
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So that nice Mr. Clegg has apologised for misleading everyone with the LibDem pledge on tuition fees for higher education, and states that he believes people should acknowledge and apologise when they get stuff wrong. Furthermore, never again will the LibDems offer pledges on policies unless they can absolutely get them through.

So, does that now mean all is forgiven? Does his public apology change your opinion of him and the LibDems? 2.5 years into the coalition - are the LibDems doing a good job?

For me, it has not changed my view of him.In my opinion, the small cadre at the top of the LibDems were willing to sacrifice many of their cherished values on the alter of ambition for power - and that sacrifice has proved to be largely in vain ( pupil premium and a raised tax free allowance excepted). The coalition has marginalised them as a political force, and I think it will take a long time for the electorate to trust them again.


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No, doesn't change my opinion of him at all.
He made a promise and then went back on it. It's not uncommon in politics, in fact it's the norm.

It's not changed my opinion of him, but I didn't vote Lib dem. If I had done I suppose I could be thinking he'd let me down.

Personally I'm not sure why he's coming in for so much stick. We have him to thank for getting rid of Gordon Brown.
I admire him for apologising, and still think there should be an an element of forgiveness. At one time I had considered voting Lib Dem. I Wouldn't do so now, as I believe they have failed their supporters. University will soon become the preserve of the privileged few.
I've not read the apology (will look at link later if I've time) but fail to see why one was necessary. Out of power one has little influence on policy. As a minor party in a coalition then the tail does not wag the dog. Not everything will get through, you just have be ensure some aims do.
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Apology Accepted?

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