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Independence Referendum- Not Again? Very Angry

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gordiescotland1 | 21:30 Sat 12th Mar 2016 | Politics
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The witch is at it again threatning another independence referendum despite being told a few days ago the case for independence was dead. Has she lost the plot as well as being an out and out liar we were promised a once in generation opportunity. I am so angry she does not represent the interests of Scotland she is only interested in 1 issue. I hate her.


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so do most English, gordie, but she may have an argument if the Brexit twatts were to win - though that is most unlikely....
Oh dear Geordie,
No wonder you have fibrillation.

// I am so angry she does not represent the interests of Scotland she is only interested in 1 issue. I hate her.//

Is there ever a time when you are not angry or actually like someone?
Question Author
yes i love my cat !! Does anger cause atrial fibrillation
She has promised a new referendum if the UK leaves the EU, so that Scotland can join the EU on it's own. How many realize that if that happened England would for the first time in history have a land border with an EU country!, makes me laugh when the 'leave' campaigners say they want to 'regain control of our borders' . The exact opposite would be the reality.
If at first you don't succeed make the people vote and vote again until you get the result you want. Very European of her. No wonder she thinks We should all stay in the EU, it suits her style.
The 'first miniature' of Scotlandland insist that you keep voting until you learn to get the 'right' answer. Your independence does not incude independence of thought.

Scottish nationalists should stop using the word “independence” to describe their desire to come out of the United Kingdom.
No one forced Scotland into a union with England.
The Scottish Parliament decided to approach Westminster in 1707 and ask for one.
We have already had a referendum about being in Europe, why another one? The No voters will just keep making us vote until they get what they want.
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If only the English had had a vote in the Scottish referendum. They wouldn't need a second one!
GEORDIE, if she does not represent the interests of Scotland there will be a second "No" vote in the referendum so what are you worrying about?
A few points worth mentioning, Eddie:

“She has promised a new referendum if the UK leaves the EU,…”

A referendum is not hers to promise. That is in the gift of the Westminster Parliament. It has been made quite clear that the 2014 referendum would not be repeated in the short term.

“.. so that Scotland can join the EU on it's own.”

It is extremely doubtful that Scotland would meet the criteria for EU membership. And even if it did it would have to join the queue and only be considered after the current seven candidates have been accepted.

Should the UK as a whole vote to leave the EU there are bound to be a number of areas which didn’t do so. Do they warrant a referendum on independence? Of course not. Neither do the Scots and their delusions of grandeur are a manifestation of the ridiculous devolution arrangements begun by Blair and perpetuated by the Coalition and the current government.

The SNP is in an unfortunate position. They need the Scots to vote to remain in the EU and the rest of the UK to vote significantly for a Brexit. This is unlikely and their voting to remain (to trigger an independence referendum) may well tip the balance in the UK as a whole (thus stumping their chance to call for a referendum). Ha ha ha. That’s what happens when you have politicians who desire, at all costs, to leave a Union in which they are reasonably well represented but have an almost equal desire to remain in a Union in which they have virtually no representation at all. And to think that those in the Brexit camp are referred to as “twatts”!!!
"We have already had a referendum about being in Europe,"

No we haven't. In 1975 we had a referendum about remaining in the European Economic Community. The forthcoming reeferendum is about remaining in the European Union - a different animal entirely about which the people of the UK have never been directly consulted..
New Judge, today's UK with its hanging onto the USA for some "greatness" is "a different animal entirely" from the UK which was originally formed and then developed, morphed, grew in stature, faded to relative irrelevance, etc. and to insist Scotland, Wales or any other part would need Westminster's permission for a discussion/decision/referendum on whether to leave is rather like telling someone they need the Queen's permission to tomorrow stop living with those they cohabit with today - it is nonsensical posturing which simply cannot be made to hold. The reality has been demonstrated before and in this reality would/will apply also in the UK, not wishful thinking on part of either camp.
Do you think, then Karl, that if Westminster refused to countenance a referendum that Scotland would hold its own and if the result was for independence they would declare UDI?

If not, how else would it pan out?
Karl on an earlier post this week someone asked you where you were originally from. You did not answer. As for the UK 'hanging on to the US for greatness' you would do well to note that the 'greatness' for what it is worth of the US, was born of British ideals. Oh there were republicans in England at least, well before the usual suspects. What we never succumbed to was National Socialism. To accuse the British people of posturing exposes you as perhaps a master posturer with a guilt complex about it. Accuse an opponent of your secret guilt and all that. Imposter?
Expected. The EU has shown the way. Get an answer you don't like, ask the same question again until you get the one you want, then don't go back to it again. It helps if you can bribe the dissenters with something that they want in order to change their vote.
A certain faction of Scotland will continue to push for a referendum on leaving the UK until they finally get the yes vote which eventually they probably will. I wish they'd just leave and then see how they get on.
The woman displays the hands on hips arrogance of a spoilt child who was never chastised or disciplined, only indulged.
Between her and Bulky Eck along with the sheep, sorry, other members, she'll have us all living in caves and bothies soon enough.
Mind you, they'll be OUR caves and bothies.

Free dumb!
New Judge, if, against Westminster's objectives or at least without their approval, Scotland decided to hold a referendum and Westminster decided to effectively "repeal" devolution and revert to the pre-Holyrood Parliament days in order to prevent the referendum going ahead then, yes, I genuinely believe the referendum would ultimately be held and under such circumstances I think Westminster (plus you and I) would correctly predict the outcome. I believe that, from that type of background and in the event of a majority vote for Scottish independence, Scotland would proceed to independence regardless of protests somewhere south of the border. However, I would hope I am not misguided in expecting Westminster to have more sense than to openly resist/obstruct a process as democratic as any other within the UK. In fact, as I am on record as having said, I fervently believe that sentiments/relations between Scotland and England would not only hold up but quite likely improve - Scotland and England would deal openly with each other once the differences are official.

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Independence Referendum- Not Again? Very Angry

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