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How do you feel about the result of the US Election?

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AB Editor | 12:16 Mon 09th Nov 2020 | Politics
93 Answers

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  • Positive - 194 votes
  • 51%
  • I don’t care - 78 votes
  • 21%
  • Negative - 42 votes
  • 11%
  • Neutral - 34 votes
  • 9%
  • Mixed Emotions - 30 votes
  • 8%

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My answer to this question- How do I feel about the results of the US election? Is simply, incomplete. Joe Biden is not “president-elect.” Joe Biden has not won the 2020 presidential election. Donald Trump’s re-election has not been defeated. Right now, Joe Biden is merely “ahead in the count” of enough states to win the presidency.

But this is a contested election and we have a long way to go, probably more than a month and a plethora of legal filings, before a winner is declared.
The count never finishes this early anyway. Although, oddly, I don't remember Trump getting outraged that his 2016 victory was declared so early last time when there were still a few million votes left to count.
//Perhaps because the 78-year-old is at least a decent human being. //

Oh my!
"Anybody appearing in a photograph standing next to Jerry Adams loses a few points on my decency-ometer"

On that judgment wot abt the Queen shaking hands with McGuinness?
He may not be as pure as driven snow but the bar was set pretty low decency-wise with the third-rate Mussolini impersonator incumbent.
// and I don't think the result was decisive enough to allow the country to move on//

as Naomi would say ( has said ) Biden won so get over it!
and I think people will be thankful that the President looks and behaves like a president ....
The Libfacs now have free rein to make America less of a dangerous place again.
PP, //as Naomi would say ( has said ) Biden won so get over it! //

I've never said that.
Trump is suing Pennsylvania at the moment
PP,have u got a Naomi puppet for yer ventriloquism these days? Just wonderin'...
Naomi, maybe he meant it in regards to Brexit? It sounds more a Tora quote than one of yours tbh.
It's not just the count being unfinished, there's all the legal objections that the supreme court will need to judge.
Indeed , isn't that what a lot of brexiteers on here were saying following the vote
Leaving PP's infatuation aside for one moment, what I will say in regards to the vote results (so far), is that they seem far too definitive for AB. The Biden and Trump fans seem, by comments on posts, to be fairly even. I wonder is it that more Biden fans are afraid or unwilling to make their opinions on threads, or the Trump fans louder and more tenacious.
Just good to see a future President that can string a sentence together! That'll do for a starter.
I'm not sure about that APC, he does stumble a bit when talking. Still, the at least Biden's sentences aren't filled with hate, blame and spite like some POTUSes we could mention.
How do I feel? Its been more of an irritation than covid. I don't know about Trump being mental, but some of these news readers must be to be able to keep repeating the same old news for days and hours on end.
Were they real newsreaders or were they cardboard cutouts with hidden tape recorders?
I think this poll is fraudulent and has been stolen from the Trump lovers. They should have stopped counting when the 'Negative' vote was ahead.

"he does stumble a bit when talking" Biden has had a stutter since childhood.

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