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Didn't He Do Well.

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davebro | 06:26 Sat 03rd Sep 2022 | Politics
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Accepting that political parties never deliver fully on their manifesto I think Boris did a pretty good job on the things that really matter to the country at large. Shame it was negated by a few lies and a bit of cake!


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i thought that he did quite well considering the obstacles in the way, covid was a huge blow to the country at large and the government in my opinion did enough to keep us going in this crisis. I am sorry he was ousted by his own party, time for a new leader i guess.
A few lies and a bit of cake?
Now there's an understatement!
it is somewhat, but the good things should outweigh the bad...
Aye, he was good to his mum etc.
You obviously didn't read the article you posted, Dave.
It's just an excuse for another hit piece on Boris.
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I suppose every reader will take from it what they want to see. I see many positives in Boris' record.
Most of those positives coming from all the hand shaking he did early on in the health crisis.

Typhoid Mary and Covid Boris.
In the dire circumstances that subsequently and very quickly arose after publication of that manifesto, it's totally irrational to expect those pledges to have been fully fulfilled. Yes, I think he did do well.

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Didn't He Do Well.

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