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Boris..carrie And The New Nanny.

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gulliver1 | 11:18 Mon 25th Sep 2023 | Politics
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Theresa Dawes 59.who was employed by the Johnsons on a 3 month contract was Fired after only 3 days in the job.  Is now considering taking legal action saying she was owed a salary and severence pay  ."What happened was" Carrie was still in hospital with new baby, and Boris was spotted at home with new  nanny on the terrace drinking wine .When Carrie arrived a few days later ...She sacked the nanny on the spot and gave her 15 minutes to pack her bags and leave....Oh dear.   




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Boris has got that many kids, Ukraine has asked if they can come and hold the front line in Ukraine :>))
20:17 Mon 25th Sep 2023
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My Question is. If the Johnsons are sued by the Nanny Will the Tax payer pay all of the Johnsons court costs as usual.?????

Why should we pay; Boris is a private citizen.

Ridiculous question.  Incidentally, some of the more sensible newspapers are saying the nanny's version of the story isn't true.

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Naomi 11.31   Who are the Public going to believe though ???

Not!,, your Hero.

Is this News or has Gulliver posted it in the wrong section.

Oh Dear Gulliver - mornin' gullz, how you den? - Boris booze and sex - The usual suspects will try to get YOU sacked ( from AB). The problem is: she was under two years employment, so shouldnt be allowed to claim

Breach of contract possibly

So which are the more sensible newspapers?

Question Author

Wonder why Carrie Sacked her,  is more the point!

costs by the tax payer?

I think in office, he might have been able to swing it ( adorable tow haired boris etc)

Now ( proven liar, philanderer and bad-hat old etonian) I think all the mandarins he shafted will say as one:

"er- these are personal expenses , ex-prime minister"

Hahahah did you read ' papers are saying this is untrue' - I see a direct parallel with Russell Brand, and how HE says the allegations ( er against him) are untrue

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Bhg 11.25...Once you are in the Con Club!

Wonder why Carrie Sacked her,  is more the point!

considering the contract was with the man?

erm boozing on duty as a nanny I should think. It was not a swig of gin from the broom cupboard, but it was with the employers tacit presence - good point

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PP 12.04... Perhaps,  the New Nanny forgot to lock her bedroom door or had Boris got a pass key.?.. haha.

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I suppose Carrie asked what went on while she was in Hospital with new baby ,and Boris was home alone, with new nanny She would believe Boris's story of course ..We all know  Boris doesn't tell lies.

....."Hand on heart" .... of course

Question Author

Boris and new nanny the same age. sort of more experience just saying

...."Hand on heart" .... of course

and other hand elsewhere. Hey  if nanny gets pregnant, Boris cd say ( er hand on heart)  - "I believe in making babies at home !"

can you imagine Rishi spreading it around? Mrs Rishi joining in and saying " if you do that  again, I will  hit you with this Balti  dish ! " - heavy kkitchen utensil for white middle class Ab readers. 

Rishe: oo-er Mrs! in his very expnesive Wykehamist accent

Yeah ! Boris and the age of Nannies ( leaving aside Russell  B's predelictions on this ) -

age shall not  weary me -  at the setting of the sun ( and at any other time of day)

Cripes says Boris - - that came out wrong! - like an oven ready chicken with its neck wrung!

Nanny: show me what else you got!


Who cares, not our problem.

And no the Tax payer wont be spending a penny on this, why would they?

er because Boris is good at screwing expenses

Question Author

The Nanny says "I was looking forward to helping out a family with a new arrival but it seems like I got caught in the middle of something else""I had only been there three days and didn't even get to hold the Baby".

Not quite true though is it Because Boris left nanny holding the baby.



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YMB Boris is very good at paying off his women with taxpayers money.  Jennifer Arcuri ,, Baroness Money etc.

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Boris..carrie And The New Nanny.

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