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Letters To Russia's Political Prisoners

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Khandro | 09:35 Tue 07th Nov 2023 | Politics
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Would anyone be interested in writing to one of the near 1,000 political prisoners now being held in Russia's jails?

All information on this great initiative on here, if you are;



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Thanks for the info Khandro. Nice idea but I have already sent my Christmas list to the relevant man. The last thing I would like is a surprise present from Father Putin under my tree on the day. My aftershave of choice is Quorum and not Novochok🤥

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Retro: I was once secretary of a branch of Amnesty International & as such sent many letters on our behalf to lots of governments & tyrants around the world; I'm sure I am still on lots of blacklists, but so far, have not been novichoked 🙂 

I will for sure write it, I wrote before, but it's never too much, I really hope that they will help someone.

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stefangrim; That's nice to hear, I haven't written yet but plan to, I'm just wondering how best to word it & where to 'come from'.

This thread will remain in perpetuity, so we can swap information maybe ?

Some of these people have shown enormous courage, I'm sure a few kind words would be appreciated.


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Letters To Russia's Political Prisoners

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