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The Disappeared Baroness Mone..

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gulliver1 | 14:16 Tue 09th Apr 2024 | Politics
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Where has she gone to ?. Where is Boris, Cameron and Gove hiding her.Why is it taking so long for the Crime Agency to bring this Tory Cheat and her Husband to trial .Where is Michelle Mone Is she hiding under Boris's bed?.



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seems rather obvious that this thread is fair comment on a political issue

why doesnt Rayner disclose her tax form - because she thinks it is personal and not to be shown to every Tom Dick and Harry ( unlike America, but I dont  think they  volunteered that one)

well - will you be sued for libel, Gulliver, and expose AB to the action as well? can't go around and accuse folk of being liars with out concrete proof

chrissakes this is allowed political comment

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Wonder what involvement Mr Gove had in this Get rich quick Tory scheme ?.Gove is quoted as saying "There is a NCA investigation going on .I have cooperated with that inquiry,because I want to ensure that it reaches it's conclusion quickly,so that justice can be served. How Quickly  Mr Gove, sort of  just after the next G/E.

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The Disappeared Baroness Mone..

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