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The Next Leader Of The Opposition Speaks Out

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Canary42 | 18:19 Sun 05th May 2024 | Politics
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"The recent election results were the fault of Mr Sunak claims the next Leader of the Opposition.   





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If you think Labour will win then surely Sunak is the next LOTO.

Unless he falls on his sword on election nigjt.

Can not wait for PMQs this week ..But no doubt Sunak, will have conveniently been called to a very important conference somewhere in the back of beyond. So that idiot Dowden will stand in as a cardboard cut out therefore making it impossible for The Future Prime minister Sir Keir Starmer to appear .But will be replaced by the Gorgeous Intelligent Angela Rayner

Well the gorgeous intelligent Angela Rayner sounds a vast improvement on the current gobby fishwife.  

 When the Tories do become the party opposite. Which is not that very far away. Will they shout and cheer every time The leader of their opposition party stands at the opposition  despatch box and opens his mouth and talks nonsense .

gully - do you mean will they behave like Labour do now?

Miffy sighs.Maybe its just me,but do we actually need all these MPs and members of the HOL?Would we be better off or worse off with or without these charmers in either chamber?

If course Rishi will resign when he loses. They always do.

He'll probably go to California.

Next Tory leader will be Kemi Badenoch.

yes but he'll be LOTO until the new leader is elected.

Wow ! Did she announce she was defecting then ?


(BTW. Putting Kemi in as next leader of the Tory party would probably ensure continuation of the no-change policy.)

I don't think Ms Braverman will be leading the Tory party. The plight of the Conservatives now has a lot to do with the last two PMs but one, especially the previous one: arguably had the Tory party members gone with the choice of the parliamentary party and voted Sunak in sooner they might not be in quite the plight they are now.

I think you are right. The Tories woes are probably not Rishi's fault. Boris and Liz have a lot to answer for, and the uncontrollable rabble of backbenchers.

Not everything is his dault but he's still keeping the internal border, and he still hasn't told the ECHR where they can shove their demands. Consequently we are still being invaded.


very nice of her to say Sunak should own the failure: has she made any claim to "own" the behaviour that made her party unelectable?

I would suggest that much of her behaviour will have encouraged constituents to believe that all is not yet lost for the party. She is the only one (or one of very few) still pointing out what needs to be done. Many others who claimed to be of a similar mind appear to have fallen into line and by the wayside.


Has the 80 majority, now somewhat diminished, become less a blessing than a curse?


HAZI 18.59 Angela Raynor is by far more attractive than Hand Bag was ,,,or Truss is.


Still a gob on a stick


Angela is one of the Tory's best assets!

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The Next Leader Of The Opposition Speaks Out

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