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Just Had Labour Canvassers In Our Street....

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ToraToraTora | 20:58 Thu 20th Jun 2024 | Politics
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They missed my house out, I was gutted, I love to keep them talking for as long as I can. Why did they miss my house out? I do have a union flag flying would that put them off?



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Your reputation precedes you.

They were probably having a day off . Only two more weeks before all the 🤣Tory EX Mps can have as 😃many days off as the want. 😎....End

Maybe it's like the Jehovah's witnesses, once they have made a note in their black book that you're a lost cause, they don't come back!

Oh aye, the flag, that's what it would be, not local knowledge.

We've not not had any canvassers in our street, from any party. There's time yet I suppose, but I aint holding my breath.

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Just Had Labour Canvassers In Our Street....

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