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News International / NOTW accused of deleting emails

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barney15c | 15:47 Fri 08th Jul 2011 | News
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NI have been accused of deleting 1/2 Terrabite of Emails dating back to 2005 that could include incriminating evidence regarding phone tapping.

The situation is getting worse by the hour for NI


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nothing about this present chuff-up surprises me.....or even Fry & Laurie many moons ago..... Media URL:
ooops ^^^^

never tried to put a link in before!
golly, do you think these people are fit to take over Sky?
jno, of course it'll be an admin error and all a misunderstanding.
I expect so. All the same, blaming it all on Mumbai must have seemed like a brilliant idea at the time. I wonder if ChuckFickens could tell them how to recover the mislaid data?
If true, then I suspect the reason given would be normal housekeping. And try to show otherwise. Not that I'm cynical or anything, but if there was incriminating evidence against you that you could get rid of, would you not be tempted ?
Well, I guess there's no law against deleting your emails, is there?
She has just been relieved of her post which oversees Murdoch's enquiry to allow greater transparency.
ah yes, so Rebekah Brooks no longer heads the inquiry into the actions of Rebekah Brooks. What a bold step!

Twenty20, there may be laws against tampering with evidence. This was done while the police inquiry was going on, I believe (allegedly).
Arrest the cow, but then the police have been paid off.

They really need to now bring in outside "poliz" into this; Manchester perhaps?
This is an interesting phrase
// Essential Computing has co-operated with police and has provided evidence about an alleged attempt by the News International executive to destroy part of the archive while they were working with it. //

Usually, when you work on data, you make a copy incase anything goes wrong. Only when a task has been successfully completed to everyones satisfaction is the original let go of, and even then, copies are often retained. The fact that the archive was being tampered with while this company was working on it, would immediately alert someone to make a copy of it.
I hope they find a few whistle blowers, a judge sitting in a courtroom stands no chance.

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News International / NOTW accused of deleting emails

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