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charities in crisis as funding slashed

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DrFilth | 08:39 Tue 02nd Aug 2011 | News
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from the front page of todays guardian also big article on page 12

i have not seen it in a newspaper but a friend was in ashton cab last week and the person who helped them siad they would be closing in under 12 months due to losing their funding

when the cab office shuts where will the less well off in society who need help go

the only place i can think of is their local mp but as the person explained in the cab office to my friend , we helped 50 people yesterday and i think it was 35 before him on that day

i don't think mp's are going to be very happy trying to sort out benefit problems, housing etc for all their local people

ps my friend was not the one that needed help he had taken a young single lady their to get help and advice for a number of things, one being debt collectors


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You don't need funding and money if everyone volunteers for free in the "Big Society".

And if none one volunteers and things shut, well that just proves there was no demand in the first place - right?
Charities that have the loudest voices tend to get the most funding from donations made by the public. This means that the most deserving do not get what they require. A case in point is Great Ormond Street which attracts large donations but they were heavily criticiused in a newspaper as providing an uncaring and sloppy service. Whilst the money is coming in from their huge advertising budget they do not worry.
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the cab office at ashton have helped a lot of people
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Adopt a whale/crocodile/jaguar/elephant/dung beetle - most are a con !

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charities in crisis as funding slashed

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