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Meanwhile, cameron is going on another holiday.

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Postdog | 22:18 Tue 02nd Aug 2011 | News
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I can personally empathise with this woman because I too have issues and have been cut off by ESA and told to find a job. Believe me, I wish I was fit enough to work and would do anything I could like a shot, but when you have issues, what employer is going to take you on?


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I suffered a cerebral spinal episode 4yrs ago which has left me aphasic and ataxic.I can hardly leave the house most days.Yet these bureaucrats are constantly altering benefits without due notice and asking me to attend for interview (which I always request be a home visit as they bdont like that),the result is always the same-one department does not talk to the other.They are so compartmentalised and isolated within their own little fiefdoms its a wonder they get anything done-if they ever do.

Very best of luck in your future endeavours Postdog.
Question Author
I have something similar in that I've suffered from continued weakness for some time now. Can barely stand for more than ten minutes, walk like I have ataxia and can do no more than 20 minutes walking in one go, which shatters me. Plus I have poor balance, occasional headaches, and when tired am a danger to myself through falling over. There is a reason, and it has been confirmed by a neuro surgeon that I have problems requiring medical attention, possibly brain surgery, and yet because I can do some things, albeit briefly, ATOS say I am fit to work.

I'm not a scrounger because after being forced to retire, I moved to an area where I could buy a house outright and survive on a part time job which I intended getting. It was only after I moved that I became aware my fitness issues prevented even that.
My actual diagnosis is cerebral-spinal-apraxia.Quite a mouthful especially when you struggle to say hello.Constant backache,vertigo,fatigue and worry about when im going to fall next.Always waking up with another sore limb.I have been told there is no treatment and as I have antibiotic resistant gastric ulcers no strong pain killers.I am getting by on paracetamol but it really has no effect on backache.
Moi aussi worked for years to buy my house but when I became ill the system turned its back.I was fired for attending work "with unsteady gait" as I had no real insight into my condition(denial) I refused to fight this and retreated into myself.I did not seek help until after the bank foreclosed and sent bailiffs to evict me I considered suicide.
Thank the lord I was introduced to a crocodile,sorry for that read social worker.She took on the powers that be and eventually got me a flat and benefits-a long arduous process but worth the crap in the long run.
Any way I know where your coming from and can only wish you the very best.

PS cannot you get an independent review of your status from your own doctor and challenge the so-called experts who think youre fit for work.
Question Author
It's still in the imvestigation stage, but before I continue, I was only drawing similarities to the ataxic and fatigue side of things - sounds like you are far worse than I am. That said, as you will know, the simplest things that you take for granted just get harder and harder and it really gets to you.

My situation is I thought it was feet problems making me feel tired and lose balance, so I went to a chiropodist who suspected I was ataxic. I went to the doctor who referred me to a neurologist, had an MRI scan, and hey presto I have a growth in my head, and he he now referred me to a neuro surgeon. The plus side is that it is a few weeks away before I see him, and has already been a month or so since I last saw someone, so into that I am reading that it is not immediately life threatenening. But until I see the neuro surgeon, I'm still none the wiser as to what is wrong or how serious it really is. All I do know is that there are limits to certain activities, and that includes actually getting to a job!
I also had MRI and fthey found that because it had been allower to go unchecked for over 2yrs there was a significant atrophy of the cerebellum.My main point is I am glad you have been seeking help and hope you get treatment while it can help you.Dont let it go,keeep on top of them and fight for your rights.
I sympathise with you both.

David Cameron, whether you like him or not, has worked hard to get where he is today. I have friends that go on more holidays than him.
postdog and tommy-h sorry to hear of your problems, this is happening all over the country, you are not alone.

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Meanwhile, cameron is going on another holiday.

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