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newletter name suggestions

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beetlebum | 12:20 Fri 05th Aug 2011 | News
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i'm creating a company newsletter and need good, considered suggestions for the name. preferably it'll have the word 'ops' (short for operations) in it. please help! i'll then put it to the editing team and let you know what we decide! thanks in advance


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T- ops

that's it for this time in the day - brain is elsewhere.

My cat has a mewsletter on his blog
and the local cats protection branch have a newslitter
Play on words here.....

Key Ops, which also translates to Cheops, builder of the great pyramid.

Sorry if it's a bit corny, best I could do at short notice!
Question Author
love the cat ones! i'll pop t-ops on the list and see what they say. thanks
Question Author
thanks philtaz! will suggest that one too :)
st"ops" press
Question Author
nice, i like it! keep 'em coming!
What about Sco-ops (isn't it that major stories in newspapers are called Scoops?)
Question Author
indeed it is, will definitely put that forward, thanks!
what sort of business is it, beetlebum?
Can you give us a hint what the company does as it would help in finding something relevant.
yes that would indeed be we stand at the moment, they could be selling certain female toys and then you could have Les-Ops, so some steerage on their products or services would be useful. Could also veGay-Ops mind you on other product ranges......
have Gay - typo there

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newletter name suggestions

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