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Are we going to have to increase penal capacity?

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R1Geezer | 23:54 Tue 09th Aug 2011 | News
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Once plod starts rounding up the current batch of pond life will be have the capacity to jail them all?


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No Issue - the Police will shoot them with no trial?
They will let all the rapists out to make room for the looters.
sure, put 'em in Centre Parcs, everyone knows prison is like a holiday camp.

So would you like a jail in your street?
They will probably just be fined. Due to human rights legislation, new prisons have to be like hotels which makes them too expensive to build.
They don't seem to get many luxuries here.
most will get a fine i reckon, and even if they go to prison, what's the point, out in no time, and probably do it all again.
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Eddie, so what is the answer, don't send them to prison, let them get off scott free, or community service which doesn't strike me as being any kind of punishment.
That's it then - send them all to the Costa del Sol and keep them there forever. Cheaper than jail, and cuts the crime figures.

Are you listening, Mr cameron?
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Get the drug addicts out of prison, put them in rehab, so they also get counselling, and tell them that failure puts them back to prison for a much longer stretch, that frees up prison space, no government would do it i'm sure, if you can get drugs in prison as easy as they say, then what is the point of addicts being there.
We should build cheap detention centres. Ther is no reason for it to cost so much other than to appease a minority of pinko liberals so lets start listening to the MAJORITY (afterall we supposedly live in a democracy) and get jails how they should be.

We are cutting army numbers so we could take the Seargeant Majors etc to help run it. Two years breaking rocks followed by two years rehabilitation should sort it.

Alternativley buy some bright orange stippy suits and some chains and parade them down the streets they trrashed clearing it up, docking their dole until it is all paid for.

And iin all cases, NAME AND SHAME, regardless of age. If underage name and shame the parents.
"We should build cheap detention centres."

cool, is there a nice park near you where we can stick it, you know some undeveloped grenfield land in your postcode ?
Eddie the last time someone did that, named and shamed the individual, the boss who caught a thief at his workplace, paraded him down the street wearing a sign that said Thief, got fined for unlawful abduction, not sure of exact wording, but im sure the boss was fined and threatened with prison. Taking the law into his own hands, that backfired
I will wait for the sentancing of these mongrels if they are ever dealt with, I mean not more than a few weeks ago a man was jailed for 6 weeks reduced to 4 for throwing a custard pie in someones face .............

Prison don't have to be fancy , just a open fronted box with bars and basic facilitys , let the army run it , they would not want to come back again ......
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Eddie51, You answered your own question in a way , That's exactly why the army should be running prisons , a prison by definition is a secure establishment and secure means No entry to drugs and the ability to communicate with the outside world unless supervised, We are too soft on crime, and put into context the few in society spoil it for the majority who sometimes live in fear of crime and they should be dealt with in such with an unpleasant experiance that they would not want to go back again, I am absolutely fed up with comments like they have rights etc etc , and police say that the criminals are known to them etc etc , if they step out of line we should deal with them ....... so going back to the original question build more less fancy prisons run with an iron fist with no home comforts .......
Maybe I am naive but I've never really understood how such quantities ofdrugs get into prisons and how the drugs are paid for
One thing`s for sure. If any of them get less than 16 months, they`ll do Charlie Gilmour`s appeal chances a world of good.

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Are we going to have to increase penal capacity?

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