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Fast Food can they afford it?

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R1Geezer | 23:55 Tue 16th Aug 2011 | News
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I'm just watching a program about kids that live entirely on fast food. One "family" is a single mum, nice flat, 2 kids, who never cooks because it's easier to get a take away, she's had a heart attack herself, FF_S, her 2 kid eat 3500 calories a day, most of it in salt, fat and sugar How can she afford to live like this on benefits? I couldn't afford it! Still think we aren't a soft touch?


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Correct roxie but Geezer does not look at life like that.
Most people would think "what's the point in slogging my guts out, getting stressed etc, when I can stay at home with my kids and get more money". It is a really sad situation that some people, however backwards it sounds, cannot afford to work x
We always pick on the poor in these situations.
There must be a lot of rich people who live on junk food also paid for by money they never earned. That;s before one considers the money denied to the exchequer by their "creative accounting"

Personally I wouldn't swap my life for that of the "workshy poor" and I am sure very few would.
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If they can afford takeaways and boozy nights out then the benefits are too high.
There's nothing new in this

80 years ago it was fish and chips rather than McDonalds there were once over 35,000 shops in the UK ( there are 1250 mcDonalds today) and it was a major part of the working class diet.

Doubtlessly there were many middle class chatterers around then asking similar questions but self important letters to the Times was probably the weapon of choice then
The popularity of fish and chips was in part due to the very low price of fish in those days. The price of a meal of fish and chips in the 30s was 3d (1.2p). Even in the late 50s it was 1/- (5p).
I think that's about 50p to a pound now

I think McDonalds Burgers are about a pound for the small ones
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Fast Food can they afford it?

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