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Another taxi driver goes off at the deep end...

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Snafu03 | 13:49 Tue 03rd Jan 2012 | News
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The BBC news report on the radio took great pleasure in mentioning the killer was a taxi driver. They seem the need to mention occupation - when the killer is a taxi driver.

But then again taxi drivers to seem to crop up with alarming regularity when it comes to a violent crime such a murder or rape. Several years ago in the US, postal workers had a spate of commiting murder, enough to coin the expression 'going postal' - are taxi drivers the UK equivalent, and why would this be?


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Stressfull job !
makes no difference the job, why was he allowed to have these gun licences, seems to make no sense in the light of his mental health history.
Question Author
an important side issue worthy of another thread em, but I'm more interested in why the link between violent crimes and taxi drivers.
poorly paid work, perhaps the person had a better job once but that's all he could get. Only guessing as don't know the ins and outs of the case, terrible all the same
Before I get told off by the respectably mentally well cabbies on here or their family members

would suggest that taxi driving would suit/attract certain personality types rather than the job being the cause.... then add the exposure of constant high stress city driving to the mix and it would possibly increase the risk of abberant behaviour...
The sample numbers are far too small to be statistically significant.
memories of Travis Bickle possibly
Twice in my life I've been 'rescued' by taxi drivers.
Sadly a couple of times I have had problems one took me a way from my proposed destination and suggested if I wanted to get back I could ''help him out a little'' and another made multiple unpleasant suggestions until I started screaming....and banging on the window....
occupation reporting in the media has always been the case, i don't think there is anything unique or significant about taxi drivers and murder, other than as victims themselves.
Must be a boring job. Spending 9/10ths of your working life in a taxi rank allowing the brain to daydream and fanticide.
taxi driver gives someone who has devious intentions plenty of opportunity and a good cover.

behaviour that would be considered weird and unlikely without that guise...becomes normal and expected.... waiting around streets, watching people, lurking outside houses, picking up strangers, being out and about for hours at all hours of the night etc etc

although most are perfectly decent people, it does give the weirdo the best 'options'
"You've got to change gear, change gear, change gear, check mirror... murder a prostitute. Change gear, change gear, murder. That's a lot of effort in a day."...
Unless I'm mistaken, and I'm pretty sure I'm not, the occupation of murderers and rapists etc... is always mentioned in news reports.
Truck drivers are another breed that seem to crop up as murderers of women and children.

Driving is clearly damaging to the brain.

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Another taxi driver goes off at the deep end...

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