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Paul Blackburn.

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ck1 | 13:02 Fri 27th May 2005 | News
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cleared after 25 years in prison and offered 1.8million, is that anywhere near enough, hes been inside since he was 15. Admittedly no amount of money is going to change what happened but all the same. Surely it would be sweeter for the police who fabricated the confession to go down for 25 years. What do you think?


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If they are still alive they should indeed be sent down for the same period.
The conviction is unsafe.  It doesn't mean he's not guilty

The verdict means that were the trial to be held today there would be at least reasonable doubt and he would have to be found innocent. Not commenting on innocence or otherwise is only as the appeal was on the basis of technicalities so the court did not need to address guilt or innocence. It does not mean that they are saying he was guilty.

In these cases I always find one of the most compelling point to be that having exceeded the term set by the trial judge (6-10 years in this case) the person concerned would in all likelihood be released on licence if they stopped protesting their innocence. By continuing to claim innocence they are regarded as idom (in denial of murder) or attempted murder in this case and kept in.

Giving judgment, Lord Justice Keene said the Crown, which did not support or oppose the appeal, had conceded there was linguistic evidence now available which suggested significant police involvement in the wording of Mr Blackburn's written admissions in July 1978. The linguistic analysis techniques are very good. I would argue that any confession not in your own words is not worth the paper it is written on - and the independent Criminal Cases Review Commission and the Court of Appeal seem to agree.

As for the amount - what price would you put on losing 1/4 of a century and being labelled a violent paedophile for that time. No money is enough.

There are plenty of instances where anyone, but especially a child, can be made to 'think' they had done a crime of which they were innocent for long enough to give a formal confession. Children are particularly suggestible.

Case law is against you in terms of imprisoning the framers I'm afraid.

The police who brought you the Birmingham Six had their cases dismissed in the magistrates court (that is they were not referred for trial) because it was such a time ago (20 years) that it was successfully argued that no case could be reliably constructed.

The Police Federation were pleased but not alot of other people.

Yeah. Bring back hanging! Not...

I think 'The Police Federation were pleased' is actually a really unfair statement to make about the outcome of the investigation into the West Midlands Serious Crime Squad.

I oppose capital punishment largely on the basis that mistakes and malicious miscarriages can and do occur. I don't have a belief that all police are angels who can do no wrong. But nor do I think all police are the same and are willing to support corrupt officers.

Following the B'ham Six case West Yorkshire Police conducted an investigation into the officers involved. They recommended that their officers face a variety of charges including perjury and gbh with intent. The latter carries a maximum life sentence. The case was rejected by the courts as Peter Pedant rightly said.

There is a closed shop attitude but no more so than in other big organisations. Most Police Officers I know feel exceedingly angry and let down by those who act to create false confessions etc.

In this case the officers responsible should be investigated and if there is the evidence to make charges stick then prosecutions should take place.

hi my name is athena and well i was with paul blackburn for a year and a half and i believe he was innocent and also i do the believe the people who convicted him should be made to pay

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Paul Blackburn.

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