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Germany has seen sense, they have banned circumcision on the grounds of religious beliefs. Why has it taken so long for a government to realise it is child abuse?

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dabees | 01:01 Fri 29th Jun 2012 | News
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Do you not think there is a risk that it'll be done by unqualified people, regardless?

I do agree though, the practise is disgusting unless it's solely for medical purposes.
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It might be, but who's in the wrong? We need to weed out the fanatics, not the back street doctors.
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if it's done for medical reasons how is it not humane if done in an operating theatre by surgeons?
Is my answer not valid Robert? Or did you not read it properly?

Dabees - how will they weed out the fanatics? I was reading a thread on the subject in R&S and people were posting about the number of children in the UK that have have to suffer this practise. Including females.
possibly robert was annoyed at you for answering first, another aber always used to do that, lol , and i am sure dabees knows who i am thinking of!
Here we go again. Jewish lifestyle attcked. No, Cof E.
Female circumcision is entirely different. Idea being to divest females of being unable to enjoy sexual encounters. Bloody men.
C of E??
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Daisy, how is it different?
because it's their choice, i do agree it's barbaric, but how can a government rule on it. As someone pointed out banning it will usually mean they get it done elsewhere, probably from someone who isn't qualified. Female circumcision is beyond the realms of my understanding but barbarism isn't a good enough word.
Personally, I can't say how delighted I am with the thinking behind this ruling. It's an attack on the idea that if you have a faith, then you're special - that you have the right to raise your children in ways that other people don't. That if you say it's important to your faith, then it's perfectly fine to take a razor to a small child's genitals. Personally, I'm sick to my gut of hearing theocratic hypocrites talk about their 'rights' to religious liberty who then systematically deny it to their own children. It's very refreshing to hear that a government has actually taken a stance against that.
K it is, but like France banning the burkha, how will it be enforced.
Daisy, why do you say "bloody men" it is generally woman who insist on female circumcision and carry it out, most men are appalled by it.

I think male circumcision is mutilation unless carried out for medical reasons. A disgusting practice!!
Ratter, that simply isn't true, about female circumcision, i would agree that some women go along with it, perhaps in the skewed thinking that they had it done so why not their child. It's time this barbaric practice was outlawed right across the globe, but how are you going to enforce it, when some see it as their right, their religious, cultural belief.
Daisy, I don't understand your reference to the CofE, but Jews are not alone in circumcising their sons. Muslims are circumcised too. I agree entirely with Krom's post. Well said.

Em, as Ummmm correctly said, it will continue, but this is certainly a step in the right direction. (Actually, I don't understand Robert's comment to Ummmm. Her post is perfectly valid).
And I know what the C of E is. I just don't understand it's relevance to this thread.
reading what the procedures are, it is sick making, one can't help hoping that other countries will follow suit. But the biggest problem is how do you educate billions of people that it's wrong, and in women's cases very unhealthy, leading to life long problems.

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Germany has seen sense, they have banned circumcision on the grounds of religious beliefs. Why has it taken so long for a government to realise it is child abuse?

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