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Lots of fuss again in the news on smoking

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dave50 | 14:17 Thu 16th Aug 2012 | News
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Australia has just announced it intends to force all cigarettes to be in plain packaging. As far as I am concerned, if the amount of tax revenue collected from smokers is greater than the cost of treating them then let them carry on. Surely that is the only criterea that should be considered.


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Cars kill and maim, drink kills , junk food kills etc etc etc, they going to ban all packaging and make all cars white.

collectively they kill far more than smoking

wheres it going to end ?

last thing the government wants is everybody to stop smoking overnight because its a tax cash cow
Cars don't kill, drivers (some) do!
Smokers will carry on but hopefully it might discourage youngsters to start. I doubt that though.

How any youngster can start when they've never seen them advertised and have only seen a negative message when it comes to smoking, is beyond me.

Advertising works.
I am prejudiced on this. My dad died of lung cancer. He started smoking in the army when he joined up before the war. I remember him saying when he was diagnosed that the one thing you could guarantee would be available for the troops was cigs, even if there was no food or even a hot drink, there would be cigarettes. Of course, no one knew the danger at the time. if you are an adult and choose to smoke then so be it. I think its important though to discourage children and to give every assistance to those who want to stop. If you want to smoke then how will plain packaging stop you?
It won't stop you.
So on that basis you support the legalisation of drugs?
"Cars don't kill, drivers (some) do! " but if like cigarettes they are made less attractive to buy then the effect is the same theory
Of course it is not the only criteria that should be considered.

Governments have a duty of care towards their citizens. Thats why there is legislation regarding the use of , for example, car seat belts. Thats why they are reviewing the area of cosmetic surgery. Thats why society offers care for the elderly. Thats why we have a national health service!

Whatever you think about smoking, the facts are very simple, and very straightforward. Smoking is extremely bad for your long term health.

Cigarettes are extremely addictive, making quitting difficult and smoking bad for your pocket. Off the top of my head, they are the only legal product, available over the counter, that, if used as recommended by the manufacturer and as designed, will kill its users - in the thousands annually.

Its not as if the Aussies were baning smoking altogether. Regular smokers will still be able to purchase their daily fix of nicotine - but they new packaging will graphically illustrate the risks they run. And such packaging may very well discourage new smokers - A measure surely to be welcomed.
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"Cars don't kill, drivers (some) do!"
That was a song wasn't it?
Wasn't there a case where one of the cigarete manufacturers were accused of adding a substance to the tobbaco , which they knew, made it highly addictive ?

Anyone recall ?
I presume you know what it costs from first visit to GP, then referral hospital,then chemo etc etc
I used to work with a lady who was soundly addictive to fags - she was always desperately trying to give up without success .

It was painful for me , hearing her terrible rasping cough - she started when she was young and now wished of course that she could turn the clock back .
Too late of course - so anything reasonable to stop people starting in the first place , is in my opinion a good thing .
bazile, its called "nicotine"
The Insider
"Cigarettes are a drug delivery system"
forgot to say its a true story

well worth watching
//bazile, its called "nicotine"//

It was something additional to nicotine
Urban mythery at work I'm afraid, the tax revenue from tobacco is approx £6-7bn, the extra cost to the NHS is £3-4bn so on paper, it seems that there is a net contribution. Unfortunately, these figures ignore the indirect costs, it is the indirect costs that hurt the most and most seem to ignore these. Smoking is far from a net contributor to the treasury.
On the radio it said that the brand purchased can be quite a cachet - a fashion accessory - with the youngsters, so no labelling at all seems to be a good idea.

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Lots of fuss again in the news on smoking

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