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Why do we put pond life like this in open prisons?

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KerrAvon | 15:59 Mon 29th Oct 2012 | News
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Now I know that we don't have any proper prisons any more but surely we must have some sort of lock up facilities!


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He was probably near the end of his sentence when moved to an open prison. His actions have clearly shown that he's nowhere near ready to be considered for release. It will be an ordinary prison for him when he's caught.
Question Author
Hang on, you mean the proximity of release date is directly related to the establishment in which they are kept?. Who runs this sh0wer? Lord Longford?

As a law abiding citizen, I am shocked at the disregard our politicians seem to have for us.
If prisoners are to be eventually released it seems a good idea to try and ease them back into society. I think in the UK a lot of life prisoners serve the last few months in an open prison and get day release, and maybe a job, so that they can be accustomed to life on the outside.
Sometimes I despair. Unbelievable!
Question Author
even those described as "extremely dangerous"?
Do you think it would be better if he was sitting in a high security prison sewing mail bags one day and the next released without any attempt to try and reform him?
KA, the problem lies with the pathetic soft sentences handed down by out lefty liberal right-on Judges, coupled with inappropriate sentencing guidelines from Government.

Clearly the sentence this man has was entirely inappropriate.

Once again the right on brigade put their ideals before public saftey.
Question Author
Yes and I think the girls mentioned in the article would probably agree.
He was serving life for robbery. Was the judge being soft when he didn't hand down a 'whole life' sentence?
* is serving life for robbery.
Question Author
he was serving life? So why is he being released?
>>>he was serving life?

Nowadays "life" rarely if ever means life.

Life is only for the very worst prisoners, Sutcliffe etc, and even then they can apply for parole.

I bet almost nobody ever serves a life sentence unless they happen to die in prison.
I was amazed when a prisoner phoned into a radio station phone-in last night,and admitted he was at that moment driving an articulated truck and when he had made all his deliveries he would be returning to jail.

He then told how some other prisoners had jobs in supermarkets etc, and that they had to pay back part of their wages to the prison.

That can't be bad surely, when there are law abiding citizens who cannot get a job?
Yes prisoners near the end of their sentences go to open prisons

That is sensible

If you had less than 6 months to serve - would you risk it by absconding?

It also helps easing them back into the outside world

But is that the case here? I can't see any confirmation of that

Certainly something doesn't sit right here - certainly someone described the way the police are describing him shouldn't be in an open prison - Perhaps this is just standard police practise to describe any absconded prisoner as dangerous

I can't remember the police ever describing an absconded prisoner as a likeable chap worth having a chat with
Yet another regeneration of R1Geezer.

How long will this serial offeder last before he is off to AB jail?
apart from anything else it just yet again shows how easy it is to fool the social workers, psychologists, parole board etc etc.

these mugs thought he was safe to let him out on day release
they should make these do-gooders put up some sort of surety, then lets see how safe thy think these scum arew to let out.
frikkien hilarious,
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Prisoners are transfered to open prison to prepare them for release , this guy will now be back in a closed prison with a lot more years to serve
This isn't a new process about letting prisoners out near the end of their time, it's been going on for years.
The point that some seem to be missing is that his person has 'blown it' he is now back in a closed prison and his release licence has been cancelled. This man would have been released within 6 months now he is back in a closed prison for at least another 10 years. He will NEVER be allowed in an open prison again. Read my link, open prison is NOT a holiday camp there is far too much to lose.

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Why do we put pond life like this in open prisons?

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