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Rip Cmj

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Calibax | 14:27 Tue 01st Jan 2013 | News
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Just heard that Christopher Martin-Jenkins has died. TMS won't be the same.


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alongside Tony Gregg, what a sad loss.
oh and tony grieg has died i didn;t know that
Just in from work and caught the news about CMJ.
Very sad that two mianstay's of cricket commentary are gone within a week.
Greig always forthright and enthusiastic, CMJ more measured and clipped.
Shame we'll hear neither unique style again in a commentary box.

RIP CMJ and Greigy.
apologies for the spelling, i did hear the news the other day.
Yes, sad news. TMS with CMJ, Johnners, Fredders, Bloers et al was unmissable. Public service radio at its best. It was very English and was the ball by ball commentary of the summer. Sadly the current lot do not have the same chemistry as the old TMSers of yesteryear.
CMJ's 'Jonners and Aggers' moment:

What I love about TMS is the schoolboy-esque sniggering and giggling in the background that always accompanies such double entendre's.
CMJ on TMS has been a part of my life for the last 40 years - possibly the best of all the commentators and also a hugely knowledgeable (and entertaining) writer on cricket. A genuinely nice man, by all accounts, too.

Summers just won't be the same any more ...
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Rip Cmj

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