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Clanad | 18:07 Wed 23rd Jan 2013 | News
9 Answers
For any of you that may have lingered with your mouse hovered over The Answer Bank logo (far upper left of the screen) you have probably seen the opening line of Burn's Address to a Haggis[i pop out of the ether... Additionally, you may have wondered (as I did) about the meaning of [i]sonsie] ... well... in that case, wonder no more but inspect this, if you please:

Thank you for the opportunity to blether!


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great chieftain o` the puddin` race..
there probably ought to be a foreign language section...
As a Scotsman, born and bred, C, I didn't need to go to your link to find out what sonsie meant!
Our haggis for tomorrow is already defrosting as I speak. I look forward to seeing my wife bear it into the dining-room before I read the first half of the poem with knife in hand and bagpipe music in the background. I'll plunge the knife...
"And then, what a glorious sight,
Warm-reekin', rich!"
We'll toast the bard and the haggis with a dram of fine malt and then tuck in! You should try it.
I think I'm washing my hair tomorrow , quizmonster.......maybe next year eh?
Question Author
Q... I'm in agreement with a dram (especiallly my neighbors carefully guarded cask strength, 21-year old Auchroisk single malt) accompanied by this: (From Burns' Duncan Davison:)

"We will big a wee, wee house,
And we will live like king and queen;
Sae blythe and merry's we will be,
When ye set by the wheel at e'en.
A man may drink, and no be drunk;
A man may fight, and no be slain;
A man may kiss a bonie lass,
And aye be welcome back again!"

By the way, we're nearly kinsman Q ... my family history on the father's side reveal we're a Sept of Clan Gordon (Bydand!) arriving in the southeastern U.S. by 1715...

Ah, the Gordons! They're associated by and large with Aberdeenshire – the county of my own birth - and the motto of the local regiment as was, the Gordon Highlanders, is Bydand or Steadfast, as you say.
My forebears were a sept from east of Loch Ness of the Clan Chattan. It shares its motto – Touch not the Cat bot a Glove – with the MacPhersons and others. (Bot = without, so it’s a bit of a warning!)
In honour of your people, we’ll drink our toast tomorrow in Glendronach single malt, which is distilled near Huntly, the very doorstep of the Clan Gordon. Slainte! Good health!

Mick, why put off such a plethora of delights for a year - especially for such a mind-numbing task as hair-washing - when you can have them now?
Mick, I'm also washing my hair that day next year...
My, you do have an exciting social life, J, if you plan such mundanities a year in advance!
that's me to a T, Quizmonster!

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