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Who Are The Real 'fruitcakes'?

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Gromit | 07:39 Thu 02nd May 2013 | News
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//  The Prime Minister, who has described Ukip supporters as “fruitcakes”, said that he was prepared to introduce legal safeguards before the end of the current parliament to guarantee that a referendum takes place after the general election. Previously he has promised to call a vote only if he is re-elected in 2015.
The legislation would be designed to demonstrate that he is committed to calling an in-out vote by 2018 after Ukip and other sceptics claimed that his pledge was meaningless.  //

The only way to introduce a law before the next election as Cameron 'promises' would need the backing of the LibDems, and they are NOT going to support this.

Again, he is promising something he knows he cannot deliver on. Remember his 'promise' of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty? (If it hadn't already been ratified, knowing full well it would be). He is doing the same thing now.

His other promise of a referendum if the Conservatives won a clear majority in 2015 is equally looking hollow.

He has also stated that in a 'in / out" referendum, he will be campaigning to stay in.

Why should we believe anything he says about Europe?


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From the Daily Orygraph, 2009...

// David Cameron reneges on Tory pledge to give vote on EU Lisbon Treaty

David Cameron is to announce that a Conservative government will not give voters a referendum on the European Union’s Lisbon Treaty.

The Tory leader’s admission, which could come as early as Tuesday, will bring accusations that he has broken clear promises to grant a popular vote on the agreement. Mr Cameron gave an “ironclad” promise in 2007 that a Conservative government would hold a popular vote on Lisbon. //
If I was a UKIP member I would be quite flattered at all the attention I was getting from the other parties.

After all, if you are no threat then you would be ignored and not get mentioned.

I also think it is very arrogant of any politician to call any party members "fruit cakes" and if there was voting in our area it would put me off voting Tory (which I normally do) and I would vote ukip just to slap the Tories in the face.
A vote for UKIP at the next General Election will guarantee a Labour win.

And UKIP certainly has more than it's fair share of local election candidates who are from 'the fringes of nuttiness'
But if he does that he will expose the Liberals for what they are. Effectivley dictators.

There can be no reason for not agreeing to a referendum it is not saying yes or no it is putting it to the people (unless you know the result will not be what you want so you force the majority to accept the wishes of a minority). Which of course sums up your typical Pinko.

Question Author
// But if he does that he will expose the Liberals for what they are. Effectivley dictators. //

You haven't yet got hang of Coalition Government have you ymb.
"Pinko" - how quaint.
I'm just waiting for

'You're all pinkos and you smell! - I hate you all! and I'm gonna tell my Dad!'
Everyone who posts a question on AB becomes a "pinko" for that topic.
We shouldn't. He's a weasel.
// Why should we believe anything he says about Europe? //

We shouldn't necessarily believe anything he says about anything. He's a politician.
sp1814 //A vote for UKIP at the next General Election will guarantee a Labour win. //
No it wont because many of the working class now realise Labour is pro Europe and left to them we will become even more under the EU dictatorship and increased immigration. Maybe you would like Blair to come back and give away another £6billion annually to Brussels.

I don't see UKIP as a right wing party but they are a pro UK party. Since when has being pro UK equated with being right wing ?

If Labour gets back in it will be because DC fails to heed the wishes of the people . not because of UKIP .
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just been to vote only 4 parties Conservative, Labour, Lib/dem and UKIP no Green or Independent , one spoilt paper.
// Whats with all the // ? //

Quoted text.
cupid I've never understood the point of a spoilt paper. Nobody cares . There is always a number of accidental spoilt papers anyway.
Why believe a politician?
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Who Are The Real 'fruitcakes'?

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