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David Cameron, A Liar Or An Idiot?

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Gromit | 08:54 Wed 08th May 2013 | News
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Last Wednesday (before the local elections) he said...
// //  The Prime Minister, said that he was prepared to introduce legal safeguards before the end of the current parliament to guarantee that a referendum takes place after the general election. Previously he has promised to call a vote only if he is re-elected in 2015.
The legislation would be designed to demonstrate that he is committed to calling an in-out vote by 2018 after Ukip and other sceptics claimed that his pledge was meaningless.  //

And less than a week later he admits...
// The Prime Minister said that his Coalition deal with the pro-European Liberal Democrats means the Government cannot introduce legislation paving the way for a vote on Europe after the next election.
Mr Cameron’s comments on legislation, in a private letter to Conservative MPs, come only days after he dropped a pre-election hint that he was prepared to consider the option. //

Why should we believe ANYTHING he says?


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David Cameron is a politician do you need to know more?
Question Author
// Really some people ought to read things and also report more accurately. //

And some people really need to be careful with their accusations.
I read this, and accurately reported it.

// Cameron says he is ready to introduce legislation on an in-out EU referendum BEFORE the next election. //
No politician is an idiot . They con us into voting for them . Maybe we are the idiots.
If the definition of not telling the whole truth is a lie then we all lie
and politians are masters of hiding and twisting the truth .

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David Cameron, A Liar Or An Idiot?

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