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Murdoch Divorce

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mikey4444 | 18:30 Thu 13th Jun 2013 | News
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I just wished she had divorced before that chap threw a custard pie at him at the Parliamentary Select Committee !


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so has he found someone younger or older? Or from yet another country News Intl want to expand into...
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Sorry...forgot to add this ::

Its the only time I have ever seen Murdoch look really worried.
It'll probably be another of the "uber-rich" divorces being persued through the London Family Courts, following on from yesterdays Supreme Court verdict

Since in the UK, she'll be entitled to half of NewsCorp (as of yesterday), it seems a nice little earner.
they did have a prenuptial deal, apparently. His previous wife got a cool billion, but she'd stuck with hiim for decades.
She won't get that much - but probably a large fortune to most ABers. Poor old Wendi - luv-chop-suey come undone and Wupie's chopstick bwoken.

wendy went at the custard pie fella like a Demon !
I thought it was Lucy Liu in disguise (one of the modern Charlie's Angels)
Filed in New York. Very wise. New York won't go beyond the pre-nuptial agreement. A London court might.
fair enough, though, New York's where they live

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Murdoch Divorce

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