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Should Prisoners Be Allowed To Sue?

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anotheoldgit | 11:54 Sun 29th Sep 2013 | News
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/// It is feared that if the legal cases are successful, they could leave the way open for a flood of similar claims from other prisoners. There are 11,248 Muslims in prisons in England and Wales, accounting for 13.1 per cent of the jail population. ///


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/Now let us READ the HEADLINE: /


perhaps you should refrain from shouting

bearing in mind you seem confused about the context of your own question, the shouting just amplifies the impression of some form of dementia
Question Author

/// AOG, if you wanted to ask whether prisoners should be allowed to sue, you could have settled for that simple question. Why then, did you choose your link about Muslims? It is irrelevant to the simple question, which speaks for itself. It is but an example of prisoners suing. Did you need an example ?If so, why did you choose that one ///

Are not you and others prompted to enter a thread by something that is in the news?

If I had just entered "Should prisoners be allowed to sue" I am sure you and others would soon jump up and ask what is this all about, where is the link?

Perhaps I should first come to you and ask your permission what or not I should enter for a question, or perhaps because it seems that certain subjects seem to regularly touch a raw nerve in your system, I should just stop contributing to the news section, period?
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Can we stop all this? It's getting pretty rough in here for a Monday morning...

... Or Sunday evening for that matter.

No one is looking all that good :)
And I know you're all pussycats at heart.
i tend to agree with Naomi, i don't think they should be allowed to sue, nor indeed for any infringement whist in prison, if you don't do the crime you wouldn't be there to get hacked off because someone made a mistake.
Although, having once put my foot into a "present" from a cat - a large, dead, half-gutted rabbit - which it had left under the desk as a "surprise" I suppose this might be about right.

A note: anyone who wants to wear rabbit-skin slippers should wait until the poor thing had been properly skinned before inserting your foot.
perhaps it is time to see that they committed crimes, some vile some less so, i don't see why you should be accorded special privileges if you are banged up, do the time, be quiet and then get out and get on with your life, if you are a lifer then tough.
Prisoners should be allowed to sue for genuine hurt caused by negligence or failures in 'duty of care'

It seems that the issue is what constitutes 'genuine hurt'

I wouldn't consider accidental breaking of religious dietary rules to be 'genuine hurt'
nor would i, it's an absurd notion. If someone shanked you whilst a guard looked on, that would be considered a dereliction of duty, care and one would have a case, not this
Prisoners should NOT be able to sue.
If you can't stand the heat stay out of the Kitchen
/If you can't stand the heat stay out of the Kitchen/

that slogan is only meaningful when two similar contexts are being compared

as emmie has already intimated, someone who was jailed for theft shoudn't be expected to face a stabbing in the showers (or worse)
//someone who was jailed for theft shoudn't be expected to face a stabbing in the showers (or worse)//

Agreed – but that’s another issue. In this instance, since Islam requires its adherents to respect the law of whatever country they happen to reside in, and these people clearly had no qualms about disobeying that instruction, it’s somewhat hypocritical to now complain that their religion has been insulted by other people. They seem to have managed that quite effectively all by themselves. Bit like the bloke who made such a fuss about a supermarket selling him a cheap cheese pasty that contained pork. The truth is the cheese the pasty contained wouldn’t have met with Islamic dietary requirements either – but he conveniently failed to mention that! As I said, these people are taking the p.

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