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John Cole Dies

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mikey4444 | 12:37 Fri 08th Nov 2013 | News
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Good bye to a nice man. That Ulster accent always sounded so reassuring somehow.


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That is sad news, may he rest in peace.
Used to love the Private Eye parody...
RIP John Cole, I remember him well.
Hondootedly Mossis Thotcher privatised Portsmouth shipbuilding amid further troubles for Labour in Falkirk Ed Miliband wikileaks Julian Farage Somalian escape in a burqa Iain Duncan Smith Universal Credit fiasco diving Ashly Young Roy Hodgson space monkey if you want to know a lie ask a policeman movember Mother Teresa... Continued page 96.
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Thanks grom...made me laugh !
Sad of the big voices in tv reporting
Sad news. A man who spent much of his time as BBC Political editor chasing the dragon. At least he outlived her :-)

And refused a CBE because he'd been schooled at the Guardian never to accept a gift you couldn't consume within 24 hours.
should've asked for a chocolate one, then

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John Cole Dies

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