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Not Enough Ethnic Minority Actors On Tv?

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anotheoldgit | 18:04 Tue 24th Jun 2014 | News
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Oh no here we go again, who does Henry think he is, he has done all right for himself so what's his problem?

These black actors don't leave these shores because they can't get acting roles in the UK, they go because they think that they can earn more money in the USA.


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Not enough?????
Maybe my colour button needs adjusting?
My little sister who is wheelchair bound quite happily describes herself as 'handicapped' and so do other people I know. If you personally prefer ' disabled' or indeed if anyone does then fair enough, I've just never encountered anyone who has a problem with the term. If it offended anyone they have my heartfelt apologies, but I think you were rather just trying to make a point.
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Well I can tell you that as far as modern industry is concerned, the term Handicapped is a no no. That is the way it is. What people choose to call themselves is a different matter
BTW I`m not making a point but these days disabled people are and should be treated the same as everyone else. There are EU laws to enforce that as well (not to mention US laws that can impact on Europe in certain circumstances) and they should not be considered handicapped. My God, if I used that term at work I would be hauled over the coals for sure. Not that I would use it anyway but there you are.
I didn't report Ratter's 'joke'- I thought it was in poor taste but I don't think it's helpful to have ANY answer removed ever, it makes a nonsense of the thread.
seriously, what about gay people, should most of them lose their jobs?

Handicapped? Gosh, I haven`t heard that term for years. The term is disabled these days, or persons with reduced mobility (since we are splitting hairs)
Is it? I thought the latest buzz word/phrase is/was 'less-able bodied'.
Blind is visually impaired, mentally handicapped is special needs and I'm yet to discover what unilateral/bilateral amputee(lower) is.
Podiatrically deficient? Who knows.....
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I wonder if they have problems such as this in the countries that the ethnic minorities come from, I wonder if there are folk there who complain that there isn't enough white representation in their media?

Incidentally if Eastenders were to represent the true East End then it would surely portray mainly Polish and other Eastern European characters.
that's "differently abled", chilld.

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Not Enough Ethnic Minority Actors On Tv?

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