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Eu Referendum British Voters Only

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gordiescotland1 | 10:54 Mon 25th May 2015 | News
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Hi there what do we think about British citizens only being allowed to vote in the EU referendum I think it is a fantastic idea putting British people first for a change.


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very sensible and logical.
It's not only Britons, it's Commonwealth, Cypriots, Maltese and Irish too.
I might have considered rolling my eyes at this but as it's basically just another way of saying "the electoral roll used in general elections" I have no problem with it.
The former Welsh Secretary, John Redwood, or The Mekon as he was known over here, has already started his fight within the Tory Party.

With friends like this, dave doesn't need much in the way of enemies !
Quite right.
^That was in answer to the question - not to Mikey's twizzling.
NAOMI, those able to vote in a General Election will be allowed to vote and that is not restricted only to British folk.
Twizzling ? Not heard the word before Naomi, so I had to look it up, and I was a trifle shocked, to say the least ::

Quote...."The female teabag. When a woman grinds her sex on someone's nose in a circular fashion, usually while asleep or unconscious"

I can't quote the rest of the link though, for obvious reasons !
//CITIZENS from most European Union countries living in the UK will be barred from voting in the referendum //

That suits me.
Mikey, don't get carried away. Try a proper dictionary.
Makes sense.

Not sure why Gibraltarians get to vote though?
I much prefer my definition Naomi ! And I shall use the word myself in the future ! It might come back to haunt you.
Yeah... using Urban Dictionary is generally not advisable.
... unless you relish the crass.
As Corby says, this is the exact same eligibility as for General Elections.
Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory and joined the EEC (as it was) in 1974 when we did. They get to vote in our European elections, they are EU citizens but not all EU laws appyl . I suppose it is because of the strong link with the UK that they are included in the vote.
It's not exactly the same, I have found out that members of the House of Lords and Commonwealth citizens in Gibraltar can also vote but those groups are excluded from a General Election vote
Sounds fine to me. Citizens of the countries affected get a say, others do not.

Stops one side or other cramming supporters from all over the world here for the vote :-)
The Irish do not reciprocate so why should they continue to receive special treatment?
If they Were allowed a vote, it would end up like the Eurovision Song Contest.


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Eu Referendum British Voters Only

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