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What Makes One A Socialist?

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joggerjayne | 23:15 Sat 20th Jun 2015 | News
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I saw Cherie Blair described today as a "life long Socialist".

This was in the context of Cherie Blair's company, MEE Healthcare, going into liquidation this week.

She started the company to take advantage of relaxed rules about the private sector and the NHS ... an act of Arch Capitalism.

It was financed through a Catman Islands based company, to make sure she wouldn't have to share any of the profits with the general masses.

When it went under, she is (surprise, surprise) fine, but the workforce have lost their jobs (maybe they should've formed a Union!).

I realise that Socialism is the politics of (1) envy, and (2) hypocrisy, but ...

To be a "life long socialist", don't you have to actually DO any socialist stuff?

Or ... what makes one a Socialist.

I mean, we all agree that it would be nice if everybody had their needs looked after. But I'm blowed if they're doing it with my money if I can avoid it. So, on the Blair Criteria, I too am a lifelong Socialist.

In fact, if being a Socialist means holding some vague idealist belief ... but, in practice, happily totally ignoring those beliefs ... then surely we re ALL socialists.

Oh, and while her former employees may be struggling to make ends meet, she is married to the wealthiest politician in British political history. One presumes that none of that money will be made available to ease the plight of her jobless former workers.


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Being dropped on your head at birth?
00:09 Sun 21st Jun 2015
Do you really want to know what makes a socialist, or are you happy with

Yes I agree she is a ***
Question Author
Well, yes, she is.

But it's such a common theme with socialists.

The doctrine itself seems to amount to nothing more than a vague feeling that "wouldn't it be nice if ..."
The OED seems to accept that the term 'socialism' can be watered down.

It starts off by defining it thus:
"A theory or system of social organization based on state or collective ownership and regulation of the means of production, distribution, and exchange for the common benefit of all members of society; advocacy or practice of such a system, esp. as a political movement"

but then goes on to add:
"Now also: any of various systems of liberal social democracy which retain a commitment to social justice and social reform, or feature some degree of state intervention in the running of the economy".
A conscience, therefore Mrs Blair is sparing with the veracity.
Being dropped on your head at birth?
That's a weird realisation that you have.

Nothing makes one become a socialist. One merely has to believe in society, mutual help, and a desire for equity for all. Basically it comes down to having a heart I suppose and a desire for a community that doesn't believe everyone for themselves.
////I realise that Socialism is the politics of (1) envy, and (2) hypocrisy,////

and Conservatism is the politics of (1) greed, and (2) selfishness.

If only it were that simple.
Question Author
But that's rather my point, OG

If one "believes in" all that stuff, but does essentially the complete opposite in one's own life ... are you still a "socialist".

There can be no couples in politics who value personal advancement, and the avoidance of sharing, more than the Blairs.

Could you imagine how they would react to the idea of having to be equal with the rest of us?
Cherie is the daughter of well known Labour supporter and activist, Anthony Booth, so she will have been versed in Socialism from an ealy age. However, it is difficult to label the Blair Governments as socialist or the activities of the former first lady.

Saying that, socialists with money do make investments and this was one of them. And some investments fail, as this one did. Because a business has failed does not make her a bad person, and is not a betrayal of her ideals.
As usual, OG has cut through all the crap and got to the heart of the matter.
I'm with Talbot on this: we can either look up the dictionary or simply agree about Mrs Blair
One is more fun than the other so I guess it wins :-)
and sorry also agree with og
Socialism is a wonderful system, in theory, in practice though it requires that human nature be changed. Anything that requires that is doomed to failure. There are very few actual socialist most of the people who claim to be, WWW, Kinnochio, Shreddy head etc are not socialists. They are the most brutal of capitalists, they like to use the principles of socialism to get sheep to follow them in order that they can stick it to the Toffs. The problem is to them anyone who lifts himself sightly above the gutter is a toff and must be slapped down. It matters not that these people create the wealth for them to feather their nests, hence we have the grotesque spectacle (Copyright NK) of multimilionaires claiming to be socialists. WWW a socialist?! yeah and I'm the Duke of Cambridge!
Well, she thinks she is:
So, I ask, do you call yourself a socialist? "Yes I do. You know I do. I have no problem with saying I am a socialist or with saying I'm a feminist. That's how I was when I was 15 and, you know, I haven't grown out of it, and probably never will."

Delusional? A barrister married to a privately educated muti millionaire with whom she shares a property portfolio worth around £30m?
Not the right type of entrepreneur then ?

Maybe a tad of your number (1) jj among our contributors ?

Well said Old-Geezer, thanks for your social service.

"But both of us unite about two things that we care passionately about. One is God and religion, which is one of the first things we ever talked about. And the other is social justice and the Labour party. Socialism if you want to put it that way." >Cherie Blair, from Zacs-Master's Link .
You are under the impression that Tony Blair was a good example of a socialist JJ ? I always thought he'd have been more at home in the Conservative party.

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