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Tyson Fury - "i Won't Be Allowed To Win Bbc Sports Personality Of The Year

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sp1814 | 15:46 Tue 01st Dec 2015 | News
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Tyson Fury has said that he won't be allowed to win this year's competition because he has some controversial social views.

Do you think he's right?

Or do you think that being one of the few sports stars who actually has a personality (whether you agree with his views or not) he stands a fighting chance?

(No pun intended)


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Yes I do! I see anglers all the time on a river near me and what I said is true.
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I'm afraid I side with viv regarding whether fishing is a sport. Until the fish are asked whether they want to compete, it's just a predatory passtime. It's a bit like calling the fishing industry a sport.
Good I'm glad you are not going to go on because you won't change my mind, and be rude if you want, I really don't care. Pulling hapless fish out of water is NOT sport.
I agree about whether fishing is a sport or not...lets include abbatoir workers as well :)
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AB's first ever angling based argument?

This thread rules.
give yourself best answer sp1814 :)
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What are his "controversial" views?
I thought he might stop being a pain in the *** after his fight was over as most boxers seem to go in for that.
Who cares who wins ?
//I remember the year Tiger Tim won it//

he didn't win it but he was runner up to greg rusedski :-)
Surely the term "personality" as in "Sports Personality of the Year" doesn't mean "interesting character" and never has, It means "well-know person in a certain field"
I went through the dispiriting task of googling for some "controversial views" as expressed by the gentleman in question. I guess the cultivation of a persecution complex is all part of the myth ...
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I love watching SPOTY because it's a chance to relive some great sporting moments, but it's all a bit meaningless really. Especially the Overseas SPOTY. The ubiquitous Sue Barker goes on about how wonderful it must be for Roger Federer to win the prestigious award three years in a row, or whatever, but does he care whether he wins it or not? Of course not.
This thread has gone into some peculiar byways. I'd never heard of Mr. Fury (seems an odd name) before this week. Jessica and Andy have been high-performing and achieving athletes, consistently, for some time. So, Mr. Fury is an 'also-ran' to begin with. I have no knowledge of any of his views about anything. I am very hard-pressed to decide between Jessica and Andy.
ANDY..ANDY ANDY..all the way !!
Lizzie for me, but if it's Jess or Andy, that'll do too!

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Tyson Fury - "i Won't Be Allowed To Win Bbc Sports Personality Of The Year

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