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If you have an empire how can you not allow people to travel feely in any part of the empire ?

If the eussr get their way then the "borders" as they are will be an academic irelavance....
No. Showing your passport was never a big deal anyway.
Question Author
so you think it's good that terrorists can cross borders at will then? right oh!
Eh? Did you read my answer TTT?
Question Author
yes he'd have to show his PP, then he'd have been caught, not back in Syria!
I think jourdain's saying you could commonly cross borders without showing your passport even before Schengen.

It's not an EU thing, though, which is why Britain isn't in it. It's a Schengen thing.
Question Author
well stop that too then, *** hell it ain't rocket science.

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Can The Eu Afford The Luxury Of Schengen?

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