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What Possible Grounds Are There To Ban Trump?

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ToraToraTora | 21:41 Tue 05th Jan 2016 | News
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Surely it's better to let him make a fool of himself, what are the MPs afraid of?


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The problem is TTT, that he has been making a fool of himself for years in America, and every time he does, he just seems to get more popular !
"This 100,000 petition rule is a curse. Mass 'one-click' sentiment should not be a pathway to a source of law. People are being tempted by these petitions to add their voices in an instant, to complex questions, which in this case involve freedom of speech.
He will not be banned, so why should our elected parliamentarians be forced to waste time in such trivia? "

I don't often agree with you Khandro and I certainly don't agree with Trump, but very well put
What is the reason Trump has to visit our shores? If it is to rail against Muslims as he has done in America,then he should be banned to avoid any trouble here.
i take it youre from the "i dont agree with it, so ban it school" danny

Considering the numbers of waifs, strays, agitators and downright criminals that are allowed to enter and remain in the UK, one person such as Donald Trump (who will be no financial drain on the country’s coffers and who will certainly return home at the planned time) is hardly worth a debate in Parliament.

He may hold views which some people disagree with. Well that’s tough. I disagree with the views of many people but would not want them banned from the UK.

We had to suffer Billy Graham. Fair's is Fair.
What is the reason Trump has to visit our shores?
I would like him to come here.
Give him enough rope . . . . .
Banning Trump simply adds to his impression that he is right - and being gagged for it.

Free speech doesn't always tickle.
A Laird in his own right and no doubt provides employment in the far North.
They let Greasy Farad in who criticised our monarchy frquently. He wasn't allowed a UK passport but he stayed.
If he did come here, there would be the usual rent-a-mob using it as an excuse to cause trouble on the streets.
I actually signed the other petition to allow him to come
I don't think anybody takes him seriously but never prod a sleeping tiger as the saying goes
I think anyone who wants to put Trump in his place...preferably somewhere with high walls and lots of big men in white coats...should consult Michael Forbes. He's the wee man who was still, when last I heard of him, living in his small house in the midst of Trump's golf-course north of Aberdeen, having told him precisely where he could stuff his money!
you've probably seen this, Quizmonster (though I have not)
Perhaps Trump wants to come here to make him "an offer he cannot refuse", QM !!! :-)
Hope Mr Forbes knows a cheap glazier !!
Donald Trump threatens to pull £700m investment from Scotland
Thanks, Jno, I have seen the various documentaries, news snippets etc dealing with Mr Forbes and the idiotic bully, Trump. It’s wonderful to see that “the little man” can beat even the most severe steam-rollering by a billionaire who thinks money gives him the right to whatever he wants.
My son, who lives locally, has played Trump’s Aberdeen golf-course several times and tells me it is magnificent, but that in no way condones the latter’s attitude to others. He has also bought Turnberry golf course in Ayrshire and – because of his toxic reputation – the Royal and Ancient has removed it from the list of British courses at which The Open might be played. Accordingly, he has done as much harm as good to Scottish golf.

Lang may yer lum reek, Michael!
Quizmonster; Are you sure the R&A has removed Turnberry, and if so, purely on the grounds that it is owned by Trump?

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What Possible Grounds Are There To Ban Trump?

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