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More Scaremongering Shown To Be False

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retrocop | 10:32 Wed 10th Feb 2016 | News
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I know there is a thread running re Cameron's scaremongering about leaving the EU and Borders.This is about another piece of scaremongering which appears patently untrue. Those who spend their time ridiculing Mr Farage would do better to listen to what he says instead.He has been saying what this story reveals for ages. This,I believe, is the truth of it and Mr Farage should know better than Cameron . At least Nigel had a job and experience in banking and finance before entering politics.


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It's fine if you want to try life outside the EU, TTT. The problem comes when you and others glorify the prospect as though it can't possibly fail. This is also "scaremongering", of a sort -- we can expect plenty of this from both sides of the campaign, but your version and Cameron's "possible serious consequences of leaving" are as valid as each other.
I just want to be autonomous jim, I don't want to be ruled by some unelected bureaucrat in a Brussels basement. I don't want to be in a bloc that is designed to favour French farmers. I don't want to pay 12bn a year to an administrative leviathan to squander. i don't want to be told how bent my bananas must be. I don't want our courts overruled by silly EU "laws". I have no crystal ball but I would prefer to die a free country than live as a slave one.
Again, I can accept that. I can respect people wanting to leave because they think it's the right direction for the country. I just wish they wouldn't dress it up as the only choice to avoid ruination.
But Jim, as our current EU masters have shown, they are not going to respect the UK at all. Their aim is one country/nation (their words not mine) all in the form of Germany.

Sound familiar?

And no Gromit, I would not expect 1/2 our trade to be with the EU, I would expect us to be trading freely with others so the % with the EU (that is currently dropping anyway) to decrease once freed of their shackles.
I wonder whether Britain's exit from the EU would cause a domino effect - and other disgruntled nations would follow suit, and our markets would remain as they are, without the burden of EU subsidies and beaurocracy.
"Their aim is one country/nation (their words not mine) all in the form of Germany."

The problem with that point, AH, is that a) Germany is actually doing pretty well, in general, so it's not a bad aim to aspire to, and b) I was already aware of the one nation aim of the EU and don't have a problem with it, in principle at least. So it's not really a counterargument, at least not to my philosophy.

The argument to be made for leaving the EU is because you believe in smaller government, rather than any supposed economic miracle. Similarly, the argument for staying is because greater integration and collaboration is the direction you think we should be heading.
//Daily Express' online poll has attracted more than 106,000 votes with 92 per cent saying they want Britain to free itself from Brussels rule.//

I posted this on the Farage thread, but it fits on this one too.
Although many issues have been raised on both sides, the clinching one for me is sovereignty. s2 of the EEC Act 1972 states that, 'when UK law contradicts European law the latter shall prevail' (paraphrased). I shall never accept that.
anotheoldgit -Gromit

/// But it is business that is at the forefront of the campaign to stay in. The majority of CBI members want to stay in the EU. ///

And have you ever wondered why?

It is because of the unlimited supply of cheap labour. ///

Quite right, aog. And, if I might suggest another reason. By far the largest contributor to CBI funds, you guessed it, the EU.
We must bear in mind when discussing the EU that out of the billions of pounds they claw from us, a certain percentage comes back in what can only be described as bribes.
// forgive me Andy I thought you were an EU phile, apologies, you seem to have a common sense view.//

all this is a bit kissy wissy innit ?
abdie he will even offer to buy to a drink -
but watch out ! he'll put rentokill or whatever that date drug is - in it !
// s2 of the EEC Act 1972 states that, 'when UK law contradicts European law the latter shall prevail' (paraphrased). I shall never accept that.//

o god that is just a a recycled phrase from the Judicature act 1875 where statute law will prevail over equity

you didnt cavil or puke over that ( you might have been there )
and did the heavens fail ?
no they did not
What a silly answer, PP. The former does not dilute the sovereignty of parliament. The latter does. There is no comparison.
Without reading any other comments - I am, sure that, like me, most people who take an interest, already knew that the EU needs us more than we need them, economically. Shame that the media have turned Nigel into an almost comic figure to downgrade his message. He is experienced and not stupid. T.G. He is also pretty thick-skinned.
Just read earlier views - HOORAY! - one of the rare times that I am at one with andy-hughes:)
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More Scaremongering Shown To Be False

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