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Britain Heading For Power Cuts Next Winter, Say 60 Local Authorities

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mikey4444 | 13:08 Fri 26th Feb 2016 | News
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"The Industrial Communities Alliance (ICA), an all-party association of councils from across Britain, said National Grid needed to act immediately"

Successive Governments have ignored this problem for far too long.

Building work at Hinkley Point C has still yet to start ! We need to do something before its too late.

Why are the authorities not listening ?


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Well why don't you write to the 'authorities' if you're so worried mikey ??
Question Author
Viv....if they are ignoring the ICA, what kind of response would I get ?
Blame the cross party obsession with renewable energy and climate change. All governments have been scared to death of the environmentalists so have not built any power stations.
But it's 'people power' mikey, if everyone who was concerned about things wrote to the powers that be, it may have the desired effect. I always wirte about stuff that concerns me, at least I can say I've tried.
The usual excuses; same as when you write to anyone in a position of authority.

Personally I'd doubt there'd be power cuts. A few power reductions and bringing mothballed stuff on line tends to enable them to cope. But we'll see.

For sure they need to bring more clean sources on as soon as possible though. What with a growing population needing supplies and the drive to move from petrol/diesel to electric transport...
Boy who cried wolf.

There have been predictions of blackouts every year for the last couple of decades.
Here's one from 2005. They never happen.

Nowt to do with environmentalists or renewable energy.
The Government have not built any new power stations because it doesn't build power stations. Electricity generation is privatised, and they make the decisions.
We need generation from a diverse number of sources, renewables as well as fossil.
The problem is being compounded by a massive influx of immigrants. Our infrastructure is creaking at the seams, we just dont know which will give first but I suspect when one goes there will be a domino effect. And lots of riots.
Immigrants again - amazing.
Why is it amazing.

Maths not a strong point for you or something?
"Immigrants again - amazing"

it is amazing... the detremental effects they have on our country in so many ways
Question Author
Canary...its probably a Muslim problem !
Wait for it how long before someone blames immigration?
Lol someone has already!! Amazing!
Question Author
Islay...the usual suspects just have !
Since most our main power suppliers are owned by either German or French companies, I first thought this was a scare story on behalf of the 'stay-ins'.

But it wasn't, so I suggest we wait until next winter before we start to show concern, in the meantime nip out and buy your candles before the EU ban them on the grounds of air pollution.
Question Author
AOG....I once tried, as a Boy Scout, to boil a small camping kettle using 3 candles and it was a dismal failure.

A proper Boy Scout would have rubbed two sticks together and made a real fire.
Are immigrants allowed to join the boy scouts?
Question Author
Not inside a tent, at midnight, when it was peeing down outside !

I was only 10 and a bit. We had a row from Akela the following morning !

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Britain Heading For Power Cuts Next Winter, Say 60 Local Authorities

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