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Dear Auntie Theresa...

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bazwillrun | 13:20 Mon 25th Apr 2016 | News
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please explain how the UK will have more "clout" by staying in the eussr...

As we will cease to exist as a sovereign nation and all decisions will be made from the empire HQ and under the auspices and dictats of their exactly and on what will the ex country known as the UK and now just a province have "clout" ?



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I think she backed the wrong horse here. Her best bet would have been to remain silent, appearing neutral. No chance now of her becoming Maggie Mark 2.
She has lost the plot.

I wonder if she actually believes the drivel she spouts or if it is simply Politics for her?
If the British public are whimpish enough to vote to stay in the EU, they will not have any 'clout' whatsoever, but what is certain is the fact that we will be more bullied than we are at present.

///she said the UK was able to control its border by blocking entry to terrorists///

How would we know, they don't actually turn up at the Border with an AK47 sticking out of their backpack full of Semtex as far as I know?
Baldric, your answer has just brought to mind a questionnaire we had to fill in once when on a flight to Canada (I think). One of the questions
was 'are you a member of a terrorist organisation?' As if anyone was going to answer 'yes'!

Kathyan, you just couldn't make it up!
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My kids aged about 9 and 11 had to fill in a green form at immigration control on the border crossing to Buffalo between Canada and USA. They had to declare they were not terrorists or affiliated to a terrorist organisation. They lied. They were both little terrors at that age. :-)
All you Brits wishing to stay as part of the glorious eussr better start brushing up on your new Euroling language ( pamphlets will be issued shortly)you will of course as has been mentioned on these pages before, be aware that you will no longer be allowed to ''spend. a penny'' but will be going to Eurinate. Driving on the wrong side of the road will very soon be banned & you will conform to every other rule dreamt up by your masters. All males between the ages of 11 & 63 will have compulsory gene therapy & all females will only be allowed blonde hair both to fall in line with the new 4th Reich.
That's all well and good WR, but what about the downsides of staying in the EU?
Was it not Oscar Wilde who replied when asked at immigration in New York whether he intended to overthrow the government of the US, "My sole purpose in visiting."
very droll
There was probably a misprint on the questionnaire, it was supposed to ask if you were a member of a tourist group. :o)
I suppose it's easy to hallucinate and misread things when you're tripping.
Question Author
"That's all well and good WR, but what about the downsides of staying in the EU? "

losing and the eventual complete destruction of the UK as a soveriegn nation able to determine its own future and make its own laws and rule itself seems like a downside or isnt that serious enough ?

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Dear Auntie Theresa...

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