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Eu Referendum: Gove And Johnson Challenge Pm On Immigration

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mikey4444 | 09:23 Sun 29th May 2016 | News
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"Two of the PM's most senior colleagues have told David Cameron to accept the failure of the government's manifesto pledge to reduce migration into the UK"

This is the closest yet to a direct challenge to Dave....what we are seeing here is the starters in the forthcoming Tory Leadership battle.

My money is still on Boris !


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Maybe, but I was just thinking that Mr Corbyn has been quiet on the subject of the referendum. I wonder why?
Did you watch Blair on the Marr Show. Bleurgh!
It's being used as support for their 'out' argument, but nevertheless it is true that the government failed in it's aim, and are unable to cut migration whilst EU citizens can opt whenever they like to take the place of any non-EU citizen prevented from coming.

As for the leadership challenge, useful for that also. But we already know DC wants to quit as PM next round.
Question Author
OG...yes I agree.

I predicted that the Tories would tear themselves apart on the EU and immigration issues, and I have been proved correct. Which is the main reason Dave didn't want the Referendum in the first place. It was the death knell for Major and it could still prove the same for our current Tories.

Its bloody and will get bloodier still. I heard on Broadcasting House this morning, that this war of attrition in the Tory Party could turn our present regime into a zombie Government, with Dave not being to get any primary legislation passed, such is the hate that some of his more vocal colleagues have for him. That has already happened, with important Bills being defeated.

And don't forget that wafer-thin majority !
Good, we might get a proper Conservative leader, call a general election and finish the disgusting Labour Party off, once and for all.
Imagine a general election campaign where the major parties were led by Bonkers Boris and Red Jeremy.
The mind boggles.
You're forgetting Normal Nigel, sandy.
Question Author
Sandy....with friends like these, Dave sure doesn't need any enemies !
Dave is finished, I think.
I agree. He is toast. Very bad political judgment. What he should have done is say to the British people, "These are the reforms I have got from Brussels; over to you." He should have then sat back taking a neutral stance.
Thanks for that tonyav. Which begs a few questions, of course......
Mr Cameron, who is holding talks with French President Francois Hollande on Tuesday, has always said that he will campaign to stay in a reformed EU, and the Conservative party was expected to throw its weight behind the position of the Tory leader.

But it isn't reformed though, Dave !

Thanks for that tonyav. Which begs a few questions, of course......

Yes it does, jourdain.

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Eu Referendum: Gove And Johnson Challenge Pm On Immigration

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