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Paris-Cairo Flight Wreckage Discovered.

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sandyRoe | 21:59 Wed 15th Jun 2016 | News
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How long will it be before experts can say if it crashed into the sea because of an accident or terrorism?;ns_linkname=news_central


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The answer could be gruesome. The condition of the bodies will show if an explosion has driven parts of the wreckage into the passengers' bodies, and into other soft things like seats.
They haven't found the black boxes though. I'd have thought it highly unlikely that bits of bodies would still be found in the sea after nearly a month.
Looks like an accident. The plane had several 'mishaps' before this. No organisation has claimed responsibility and if it is terrorism they normally make the claim within hours.
Also when the Russian plane crashed the CIA announced that their spy satellites had detected the 'heat flash' of an explosion. This time they have not said anything although it was being tracked by the same satellites.
It amazes me that a plane can crash in such crowded airspace but weeks later, we still don't know why ?
^Can't see what airspace has to do with it - crowded or otherwise.

I'm sure I read at the time that there was only one other aircraft any where near the missing flight, either 2000ft above or below it (can't remember which) and they reported seeing/hearing nothing at the time.
mikey, it crashed over the deepest part of the Med over 3,000 ft deep that is why we have not found much wreckage yet. There is nothing anywhere near the Med that can recover stuff from that depth! A few specialist submersibles over on the other side of the world are all that can reach it. Some of them are still off Western Australia in the Pacific looking for the Malaysian airliner that has still not been found from 2 or 3 years ago.
Thanks Eddie...I hadn't realised the depth at that point was so much.
^^ Yes unfortunately it crashed in the worst possible location of the entire route.
Radar saw it make several violent turns before disappearing from the screens. That particular aircraft had previously had problems with the rudder control !
I`m not sure rudder problems would make the aircraft crash given the smoke warnings in the loo and electronics bay. Well, they have the voice recorder now which is a start
That could take weeks, even months.
It probably won`t take very long to get the data from the CVR

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Paris-Cairo Flight Wreckage Discovered.

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