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Has The Reported Rise In Hate Crimes Got Anything To Do With Some Of Us Winning The Brexit Vote, Or Is It Yet Another Scare Story By The Losers?

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anotheoldgit | 09:24 Tue 28th Jun 2016 | News
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A bit of both, probably.
Yes, it does. Many thought a vote for out meant the eastern Europeans on their street would be marched away on Friday morning.

As that hasn't happened, they've taken matters into their own hands.

It's stupid, dangerous, and shows the worst of a smallminded sliver of the british populace who missed out on the National Front and are now having their turn in the countryside.
Hardly a "scare story" if it's actually happening, although it may just be a blip as those racists that do still exist enjoy a period when they think that the rest of us think like them. I don't think it means a return to widespread racism by any means. Still a matter for concern, though. At the same time as avoiding panic, we should be condemning such hate crimes as they occur, not excusing them.
Another example of bully boy tactics which every British citizen should condemn. I do feel however that it may have been worse had the vote been for remain with nut jobs looking for revenge
It is obvious, innit ? It's "they" who are the problem, all varieties of "them".
I suspect its more to do with mono-brain celled idiots spewing their own particular brand of bile on the back of something that did not need to be quite so hateful. Whoever is responsible, there is no justification whatsoever.

It feels particularly close since it is happening locally with the Polish community being the targets. There is a large Polish community here and has been since the end of the war. It has made me feel very sad.
I can only go by what the news tells me but they seem to suggest that the increase is real. I don't know how the public can check that. (It's possibly overstated tin order to sell papers or attract advertisers.)

But obviously the racists in society would not be wanting to support 'remain' with it's policy of let everyone from the EU just walk in here (and I stress that just because folk with a metal quirk again other races/nationalities would be 'leave' supporters, the reverse is clearly not true) and now 'leave' having won the referendum they may be emboldened enough to make noise and harass folk they don't approve of.

Ultimately the solution is to make it clear that, that was unacceptable prior to the vote, it is still unacceptable today, and will continue to be so.

To be honest decent folk will already indicate this to them, but the media highlighting it may well encourage such activity. It's the authorities that need to consider how to respond to clamp down on it. If they aren't too busy changing their leaders.
So Nalin Dissanayake decides that it is a good idea to post a video of himself, taking a walk and flashing a British passport at "passers by", and this proves that hate crimes are on the increase. Perhaps he was inciting the said passers by, was he not advised by plod that he would be held responsible if he caused public disorder?
"Many thought a vote for out meant the eastern Europeans on their street would be marched away on Friday morning."

I find it difficult to believe anyone, and I mean anyone, is that daft. Every debate where the subject was raised it was made clear that, that would not happen. I can believe some held out the hope it would turn out to be so and are now acting as if it is.
No doubt there will be a few racist idiots thinking there would be a new level of acceptance of their behaviour.
I also believe many people have taken to social media with totally fabricated fantasy stories.

Hopefully, those neanderthals who now feel that they have some sort of mandate to behave in such a reprehensible manner will be pulled up short and taken to task by the decent folks who may witness their nastiness...
I have some concerns over publishing claims based on percentages - a 57% rise could be from 7 to 11 - has anyone actually seen the numbers.
There will always be those on the extreme of any issue and the BNP and ilk will use this as a stick. That's all I see these incidences as.

Sentiment on the ground may have been about immigration but I think it was in part wide media coverage that made migration more than just illegals as such.

Give it a week or two and realisation that nothing will change. In fact listening to the news today it won't change for years.

It will settle down. We just have to have a better voice calming things down and showing that as usual the trouble making few are not the reasonable many.
Good point, CaC - I believe the incident levels are somewhere in the dozens, or at any rate low hundreds, although that is still a couple of hundred too many.
In today's Times, relating to this rise, the figures given are - 85 reports of racist incidents between Thursday and Sunday, compared with 54 in the four-day period a month before.
An incident which makes the national news now would have got local coverage just a few days ago.
Maybe there has been an increase but before there was ongoing 'hate crime'.
A small number of thugs would have voted for Brexit and are now using the win as justification for aggressive behaviour.

We should not allow ourselves to believe that these knuckle-draggers are in any way representative of Brexit supporters, but we should also acknowledge that this isn't necessarily a scare story either.
C@C I was just about to post the very same question is it 4 to 7? Or 28 to 44 or 14,000 to 22,000. More twisted "evidence"? Still it will justify a holier than thou stance for a fevered few. (sorry about the delay, unexpected call on telephone).
Who`s to say its not rabid remainers trying to tar brexiteers in a bad light - the way they have acted during and since the campaign I wouldnt put it past them.

Sure...that might indeed be the case. We should wait for the first prosecutions to come through to prove/disprove that theory.

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Has The Reported Rise In Hate Crimes Got Anything To Do With Some Of Us Winning The Brexit Vote, Or Is It Yet Another Scare Story By The Losers?

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