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Have you read the comments, they are hilarious....or would be if these people weren’t breeding
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'Flickering describes increasing directional bias in a system’s response rate to such perturbations, such as a society stuck in a socio-ecological trap where strong reinforcing behaviour and a lack of innovation prevents adaptation.'

For a flickering moment I understood that...

Personally I think the reason we are having so many problems is that the gene pool is just about tapped out.
Who knew that war, pestilence and famine were bad things for civilisation?
They are not offering anything new here. In fact the mechanisms that lead to a civilisations decline have been well known for eons.
And looking at things retrospectively is totally misleading and bound to fit their little theory. At best, events 9000 years ago are just best guesses. They are not proven facts, and to base an hypothesis on guesses is next to worthless.
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Yes,one of those eye catching headlines that leaves you shaking your head well before the end of the article.
I reckon Private Frazer got it right.
so are we doomed or what!?

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How To Spot The Doom Of Society

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